Bitch Popaganda: Complaint Department Edition


Welcome back to another episode of Bitch Popaganda! Listen in as Sara, Jonanna, and Kelsey debate the merits of The Noncomplaining Project, women’s happiness, and young people and their darned expressive clothing. You can hear the episode right here on our site, or subscribe to Bitch Media on iTunes and download it there. You can also access our audio files by visiting our page at

Articles discussed in this episode:

- The Noncomplaining Project
- Blue is the New Black (on women’s unhappiness)
- World Have Your Say: Anything wrong with this dress? (Featuring our own Andi Zeisler!)
- Austin Couch, Principal Slut-Shamer
- Can a Boy Wear a Skirt to School?

Our faves this week:

- Jonanna is loving Jane Lynch
- Kelsey has mixed feelings about Project Runway
- Sara hearts Declan on Degrassi: The Next Generation (especially those eyebrows):

Thanks for tuning in! As always, leave your feedback in the comments section!

by Kelsey Wallace
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Kelsey Wallace is an editor in Portland, Oregon. Follow her on Twitter if you like TV and pictures of dogs.

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Amanda Marcotte has a really

Amanda Marcotte has a really interesting post up about releasing other people's private pictures and videos as sexual assault....The high school girls are mentioned:

<blockquote>Still, I think there’s a lot of clarifying value in thinking of the release of private photos and videos as a form of sexual assault, and thinking of the women in the images as the victims of this assault. Perhaps that will cause anyone who considers publishing these sorts of things to realize that they are participating in a sexual assault if they do so, and will cause them to reconsider. And for anyone applauding a man who releases this stuff, perhaps it will cause you to reconsider.

It also helps explain the psychological dynamics in this case. Two Indiana high school girls, while goofing around with their friends, took pictures of themselves in lingerie licking penis lollipops. I can’t tell from the story, but it seems that the pictures might have been hidden behind a privacy wall on MySpace, making the person who copied them and handed them to the principal a sexual assailant, if that’s what happened. Even if they weren’t private, the motivations for doing this sort of thing are similar. But of course, there was no way the principal could be a mature person about this, but instead he had to leap into “join the assault” mode. </blockquote>

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