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It’s time for another episode of Bitch Popaganda! Tune in this week as Kristin, Ashley, and Kelsey discuss Roseanne’s recent article on sexism and TV from New York Magazine and Jane Pratt’s new website xoJane—complete with drinking game!

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Links from this episode:

The rules for the Water is Boring Drinking Game:

Take a drink:

  • For every humblebrag
  • Every time Jane name-drops a celebrity
  • Every time something benign is called “boring” (e.g., water is boring)
  • When a writer uses personal experience as a stand-in for research (e.g., Terry Richardson is cool because he was cool to me)
  • Whenever someone proclaims the righteousness of being selfish
  • Every time a writer undercuts something serious with fake, bitter snark (Remember: We’re looking for a word to describe this phenomenon. Please leave your suggestions in the comments—the winner gets a prize!)

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1 Comment Has Been Posted

xoJane is x-ing horrible.

So many thoughts about xoJane, none of them good. As you all pointed out, Jane's experience at the salon could have been a good opportunity to unpack ageism, but at no moment does she question why saying someone looks "old" comes off as an insult in the first place. Trying to start a boycott is not only immature; it's completely illogical. Friends are ALLOWED TO SAY not-even-pseudo-negative things to each other about other's appearances when they think no one can hear. I highly doubt there's even a nominal rule about that at the salon. And what makes Jane feel better? Calling her own friend to trash the current looks of younger people, because they'll look old someday too, LOLZ! Way to miss the point.

As for the piece about Terry Richardson, it's possibly even more offensive. Saying that he's sexually exploited models, but she enjoyed being "sexually exploited" by him herself... nonono. Equating rape with a consensual sexual encounter is deplorable. Like the lack of awareness about ageism, Caroline's piece taps into larger issues around the societal notion that women are passive creatures who need to be "exploited" if they're going to be sexual at all, and it tacitly suggests that maybe Richardson's victims had a great time too. And saying that his pretending to abuse a sheep taught her that rules were meant to be broken? Sexual abuse is <i>not</i> just something squares have a problem with that should be reconsidered.

Today, I saw a piece titled "5 THINGS THAT HAPPEN WHEN YOU QUIT MASTURBATING." One, says the author, is becoming sympathetic to rapists. I hereby resolve never to look xoJane again.

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