Bitch Popaganda: New Moon Risin' Edition

It’s like The View, but with fewer hot flashes


Lend your ear to the first ever episode of Bitch Popaganda, Bitch Media’s new bi-weekly pop culture podcast! Hear Annalee, Ashley, and Kelsey debate the merits of the trailer for New Moon and its subsequent reaction videos, Linda Holmes’ open letter to Pixar about their lack of heroines, and Time’s reaction to the porn-y Bud Light commercial. Plus, Bitch faves!

Listen here by clicking the audio player, or download it and listen on the go! And remember, we’re just starting out, so be sure to give us your feedback in the comments section!

by Kelsey Wallace
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Kelsey Wallace is an editor in Portland, Oregon. Follow her on Twitter if you like TV and pictures of dogs.

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10 Comments Have Been Posted

yay podcast!

I enjoyed this podcast! One recommendation I'd make is to keep them at about 30 minutes long.

Also, Pixar's <i>The Bear and the Bow</i> is being directed by a woman, so that's something, too!

What do we have against hot flashes?

I'm really excited to listen to this! But am surprised to see this promoted as "like the View but with fewer hot flashes." Perhaps this was meant to be read in a different way, but my immediate reaction is that this statement seems sexist and ageist, and that it promotes competition amongst different generations of women, given that those are the contexts in which menopause and hot flashes are often talked about in our culture. As a longstanding fan and supporter of Bitch, I'm disappointed that you all would choose to promote the magazine this way! :(


Marisa, I agree. I'm sure the Bitch staff didn't intend offense with their tagline, but it seems ageist to me too -- As though they're saying, "Finally! A talk show in which the women aren't all old and stuff!" Respectfully, the folks at Bitch might want to consider tweaking that tagline.

On a completely off-topic note, I'm surprised no one's made any comments about how much the Native American werewolf premise in "New Moon" echoes an episode of the X-Files ( in which a group of Native Americans in Montana end up being werewolves. It's just sort of funny to me that whatever else this idea may be, it's not new.

Hot Flashes

As a lifelong feminist who now has hot flashes, I do hope you will change you tag line. I realize at your young ages that you are not "fully cooked" so to speak and hope you are on a good learning curve. You are young and I have high hopes that through experience you will learn not to dismiss women like me.
My generation of feminists not only pushed the movement forward for women who would follow us, but also studied previous generations of feminists. In that spirit, I am now keeping up with the current crop of feminists. The feminist groups I belonged to when I was younger did not have the age divide that is all too apparent in today's generation of feminists. The most significant group I was part of, had women from 17 to 80+ in it and women frequently brought daughters to the meeting as young as 5.
You might do well to read feminist history and talk to older feminists. You will find you have more in common with past generations of feminists than you think.
I am listening to all of your podcasts from the beginning. I am pleased with them so far and look forward to watching how this endeavor grows.

Love and encouragement.

As a 13 year old girl

As a 13 year old girl myself, and as a feminist, I'm embarrassed by the entire twilight franchise. Just putting out the idea that not all of us are squealing idiots over an outdated and, frankly, completely antifeminist book/movie series. Twilight/New Moon promotes Victorian-era ideals of female subservience, abusive relationship models (he takes. the oil. out. of her. car.), and more.

Now, I won't let myself get into a rant of sorts about it, but I do think it's ridiculous. I mean, my view might be skewed, considering that as a lesbian I'm not in a position to "fangirl" over Edward, but no matter how hot Edward/Robert Patterson is this kind of obsession is pathetic, especially considering the complete lack of quality of the actual work.


yay, a bitch podcast. thanks! Just wondering if there's anyway to add this podcast through iTunes, would be easier for me to update that way.

Reaction Videos.

Please post the link to the twighlight reaction video you talked about- I have to see it.

You got it!

Here it is, in all its glory:

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Video Reaction

After hearing part of the reaction on the podcast, I started looking at the video. To my dismay it is over 9 minutes long. When the warning was given about squealing, I took the advice offered and turned the video off. YECH!

New Moon trailer racism issue...

I don't disagree with the podcasters re: racism issues with the Twilight franchise and with this trailer in particular, but I do want to make sure that folks know that the whole "descended from wolves thing" isn't just something that Meyer made up because she believed that "Native Americans are in touch with nature" but actually has to do with Quileute creation story - check out the <a href="">history section of the Quileute Nation website </a>if you are interested. This does not mean that it is ok for a white author to decide to create a "monster" story out of their history/mythology.

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