Bitch Popaganda: When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong Edition

Time for another episode of Bitch Popaganda! It’s like The View, only we all believe the earth is round.


Tune in as Andi, Jonanna, Sara, and Kelsey discuss the idea of modern civility. Celebrities invoked include Kanye West, Serena Williams, Joe Wilson, Michael Jordan, Patrick Swayze, and Tiger Woods. Listen right here, or subscribe to Bitch Media on iTunes and listen whenever you’d like.

The Faves:
Jonanna’s fave: Girl in a Coma
Sara’s fave: Peggy Sue
Andi’s fave: Our Noise
Kelsey’s fave: Here Come the Fat Brides

As always, let us know what you think of the podcast in the comments section! Thanks for listening!

by Kelsey Wallace
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Kelsey Wallace is an editor in Portland, Oregon. Follow her on Twitter if you like TV and pictures of dogs.

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How do i download it without

How do i download it without using iTunes?

Listening to the Popaganda Podcast

Be thankful you can hear the whole podcast here on the Bitch Magazine blog. I just listened to the whole thing. What a lot of interesting subjects. Too many for just one comment. Hope i don't wear out my welcome. You could try becoming a friend of BitchMagazine on YouTube and hope they upload it. It's worth a liste to what they have there anyway at They are on MySpace and Facebook too.

Kanye West and Lady Gaga Unite For North American Tour

There were so many good subjects in the Bitch Popaganda post entitled "When Keeping it real Goes Wrong Edition. I listened to the whole thing and realized I've been guilty of not being civil enough from time to time myself. The subject of farts has always been funny to me. Loved the YouTube farting squirrel. The headline for this comment however I think is more timely. I got the Headline from the Lady Gaga : Blog at Kanye West and Lady Gaga Unite For North American Tour "Fame Kills: Starring Kanye West & Lady Gaga. I also watched the Official Video <a href="" rel="nofollow">YouTube-Lady_Gaga-Paparazzi</a> . (not the MTV VMA video - that one can be viewed for free on her blog) It has had over 1.3 million views already from . I was a bit taken aback by the extent to which Lady Gaga was savaged and ruthlessly criticized in the press and on the internet recently for her supposedly shocking performance at the MTV Music Video Awards and for I just had to listen to and watch what all the fuss was about. I checked Lady Gaga's voice and singing are phenomenal. She has the voice of an operatic angel and the points she made about the relationship and danger of the way stars are treated by the paparazzi are valid ones. She has also been savaged in the press by pundits making fun of the shape and condition of her buttocks as if they had never seen a mature woman's backside before. I am thankful that Lady Gaga made public panty wearing and granny panties fashionable again. It makes me feel better about having posted the photos of myself male-modeling ladies full brief panties (back view). Her entire cast was wearing panties in an absolutely fantastic MVA performance. I am so glad she posted it on line. It is about time a mature women with that kind of talent get the amount of recognition and respect commensurate with their talent from both the public and the paparazzi. Her panties had gotten much more coverage, it seems, than did her music. That Music Video Award performance was incredibly artful and entertaining. I am definitely not offended. Now that she has won some MTV Music Video Awards other people will take the time to watch.

Sara Reihani kicks butt!

Sara Reihani kicks butt!


Your older feminist here. Civility has definitely declined during my lifetime. In my mother's lifetime people still spoke on formal terms (Mr. or Miss___). By my teen years some adults were allowing kids to call them by first name. Everyone is much less formal now, but in the last 20 years this has morphed into down right disrespect.
During the Clinton administration Republicans started waging down right war on the Clintons. Remember Speaker Newt trying to impeach Clinton for his dalliance with an intern while Newt, himself, was engaged in the exact same behavior? He has never apologized for that. The political climate is now not just disagreeing, but making the ones you disagree with the enemy. This is new. There was nothing like this when George Bush senior was president. He worked across party lines and was respectful to all even while disagreeing.
Nothing like the kanye west incident ever happened at award ceremonies. The most controversial thing was the two black track athletes giving the black power salute at the Mexico Olympics, a political statement but by no means rude toward anyone. Some felt it disrespected the Olympics as an institution, but certainly not any people.
And take it from me urban street harassment of women was much tamer than today. Rapes were just as common, but the out and out street harassment was tamer.
I remember reading as a teen about the first really disrespectful/violent scene against a woman in film. Jimmy Cagny smashed a grapefruit in the face of the woman he was having breakfast with. Apparently nothing like this had happened in films before. It must have been in the 1940's. Women were always murder victims ( not graphically displayed like today), but actual violent acts against women were rare. After that one scene, violent acts started showing up in films. This made disrespect for women more acceptable.
There are many examples of this change over time. Today things are pretty bad. It isn't about being real. That can be done without the insults and vulgarity common today. I don't mind an occasional bit of swearing for emphasis, but today some people swear every other word. I think it notes a lack of vocabulary, a disrespect not only for others but one's self.
I think we have reached an extreme in this country and am hoping that eventually people will tire of it and the pendulum will swing back towards a more civil discourse. One can hope.

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