Bitch Radio: Disability at the Digital Frontier

a black and white comic illustration by Anna Hamilton of a person with long hair sitting with their arms angrily folded in a wheelchair. They are looking resentfully at their computer screen, which has a woman's symbol on it, and signifies feminism online.

In this episode of Bitch Radio, you’ll hear from s.e. smith and Anna Hamilton, who you may know from various sites around the internet, including Tiger Beatdown, FWD: Feminists With Disabilities for a Way Forward, The Transcontinental Disability Choir at Bitch, as well as their personal sites, and They also co-authored a piece (with illustrations by Annaham!) in the new issue of Bitch titled “Access & Praxis: Disability at the Digital Frontier.” This week, you’ll hear more about disability organizing online and how feminist spaces online can do a better job of being more inclusive.

Mentioned in this podcast:
FWD: Feminists With Disabilities for a Way Forward
Guardian coverage of benefits and disability bitchradio2.24transcript.doc (60 KB)

by Kjerstin Johnson
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Kjerstin Johnson is a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon. She is the former editor in chief of Bitch. She tweets at @kajerstin

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Great interview

Great interview - thanks! I laughed out loud at "[...] a bunch of commenters who don’t have disabilities sort of sauntering forth to offer their unique opinions [...]"

Looking back to the Forward days was interesting. It would be great if online feminists could especially take note of s.e.'s comments about the way in which FWD has been reduced in many people's minds to the Ableist Word Profiles, which was a tiny minority of the work we did; and the ways in which those Profiles have been misinterpreted and oversimplified in the re-tellings.

The comments about emotional accessibility and PWD being treated as hypothetical are insightful and worthwhile also. I don't know whether we're at the point where "where are all the disabled bloggers/commenters?" exists like "Where are all the women bloggers" does - some people seem to assume somehow that we don't exist, or couldn't speak for ourselves ever; they don't see the evidence in front of them.

(Just one tiny note on the transcript - and thank you, that long a transcript is a lot of work! - "Dreamlist" should be "Dreamwidth".)


Just to let you know the link goes to the previous weeks podcast.


Both the link and transcript error have been fixed--thanks for noticing!

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