Bitch Radio: The Action Episode

a photograph of protesters in a park. The photograph makes it look like they are miniature figurines

Another Bitch podcast ready for your aural consumption! Like the Action issue, this podcast speaks broadly to the theme: Annie Leonard on the big deal with cap and trade, what Lady Gaga has to do with labor unions, and one feminist film buff who loves action movies (and thinks that Judi Dench should be in more of them!) Plus, music by Brooklyn duo Buke and Gass, whose debut full-length album Riposte is due out September 14th from Brassland records. Stream it below, subscribe on iTunes or RSS, or download it!

Transcript (PDF)

Podcast Script:

Buke and Gass - “Medulla Oblongata”

:13 Kjerstin intro

:53 Brian Frank interviews Annie Leonard, the host of the Story of Stuff. Read the interview with Annie in the Action issue of Bitch, or listen to the full-length, fifty-minute interview here.

Buke and Gass - “Bring Out Your Knives”

14:19 Interview with Connie Hibbard, an employee of the Westin St. Francis who, along with other hotel union members, are calling for a boycott of their own employer. We talk about what they’re fighting for, and how the viral video “Bad Hotel,” organized by SF Pride at Work, One Struggle One Fight, and the Brass Liberation Orchestra has helped their cause.

Buke and Gass - “Run for You”

24:00 Interview with Angelina Anderson, aka Snarky’s Machine, about action movies! Hear which action heroines are Angelina’s favorite, as well as very special segment of her screenplay: A Room with a View to a Kill, starring Dame Judi Dench! Listen to the full thirty minute interview here.

Buke and Gass - “Run for You”

34:18 Outro

Thank you Katie, Sara, and Shaamini for transcribing!

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