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B-Word/Bitch is a 12-year-old feminist nonprofit media organization that interrogates commercial culture via a magazine, a website, and assorted other media and outreach vehicles. Our founding editorial and creative director is transitioning to a broader organizational role, and so B-Word/Bitch is looking to hire a highly skilled full-time editor to join our tiny but hardworking staff. Someone with exceptional editing skills and a talent and love for analyzing media/pop culture from a perspective rooted in social/economic justice, someone who's passionate about both print publishing and newer forms of media like online, audio, and video…

The editor's primary responsibilities will be acquiring and editing content for the magazine, but will also play a key role in generating content for our website, as well as fundraising, outreach, and organizational development. In other words, we're looking for a brilliant editor who understands the unique challenges facing nonprofit publishing organizations, and is committed to wearing multiple hats to keep the wheels turning (if you'll excuse our mixed metaphor).

Primary responsibilities:
- Oversee and acquire content for the magazine
- Edit articles and help shape the editorial tone and scope of the magazine
- Oversee the production calendar and process for the magazine
- Maintain and cultivate relationships with writers
- Assist in developing and expanding our new media efforts
- Acquire and write content for the website
- Design and implement editorial strategies that are consistent with B-Word's mission-driven, nonprofit nature
- Do outreach to support the organization's marketing activities
- Hire and manage magazine interns

Minimum qualifications/requirements:
- At least three years features/developmental editing experience
- Strong understanding and awareness of feminism(s)
- Strong understanding of (and passion for!) new media
- Strong familiarity with past and present trends in media and pop culture
- Excellent grasp of grammar and spelling
- Stellar proofreading and copyediting abilities; familiarity with Chicago style
- Proficiency with Excel, Word, and InDesign
- Demonstrated experience with web writing/editing
- Experience with video and podcasting technology a major plus

Personality traits/skill sets that are essential in a small organization like ours:
- Clear and frequent communication
- Ability to collaborate and share decision-making in small groups
- Ability to think creatively when resources are tight
- Highly developed organizational, multi-tasking, prioritizing, and delegating skills
- Strong initiative, drive, and self-direction; ability to work independently
- A sense of humor a major plus!

B-Word/Bitch is based in Portland, Oregon, and we strongly believe that you need to be in Portland to do this job well. If you believe you can do it from somewhere other than Portland, we are open to hearing your strategies for effective communication and remote collaboration.

**B-Word/Bitch is committed to systemic social change, and aims to prioritize the voices and visions of people most affected by the injustices and oppression we work against. Women of color, trans people, people from poor and working class backgrounds, queer-identified folks, and others committed to anti-oppression, collective, grassroots media work are encouraged to apply.**

In the interest of transparency, you should know:
- Regrettably, the only way to our office is up a set of about 15 stairs. We are not wheelchair-accessible.
- We're unable to cover any moving expenses.

Please send a cover letter detailing salary requirements, your *editing experience*, any *experience working with nonprofits*, and your *particular interests related to feminism and pop culture*. Also please include one writing sample.

Closing date for applications: December 30, 2008
Anticipated start date: January 19, 2009

Please email a detailed cover letter (*answering all the questions please!*), a resume, and three references to publishing(at) Please write "editor position" in the subject line. Or mail to: B-Word, Debbie Rasmussen, 4930 NE 29th Ave, Portland, OR 97211.
No phone calls, faxes, or drop-ins. No, no!

by Debbie Rasmussen
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