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Marissa Leitch
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1.) Simon & Garfunkle “The 59th Street Bridge song ( feelin’ groovy)” -The title pretty much explains this song. Every time the lyric drops “feelin groovy” I can’t help but think of all the good things in life, all worries disappear. I especially like listening to the song while riding in the rain. Turn that frown upside down!

2.) Portishead “En Melody”(with Lane Birkin) -Classic Portishead droppin’ the heavy beats and a little french action. Nothing like listening to a song and having no idea what is being said, at the same time being soothed by tone & mysterious lyrics. If anyone can translate- please be my guest!

3.) Irena Cara “What a feeling.” -Flash back to Flashdance, possibly one of my favorite movies. And a great song to put on while cleaning or when you feel like dancing in the mirror ( or doing both at the same time). “Take your passion and make it happen.” Thank you Irena, I have done just that.

4.) Sade “Flow” - Pretty much my favorite song since I was 13(now 23), sade always puts me into a inspirational mood, especially this song. This is one that put on repeat for hours and never get sick of. The whole album “Sade Lovers Rock” is one to own and keep forever, even if it breaks.

5.) Manu Chao “Mentira”- I LOVE SPANISH, with that said Manu Chao is a favorite, along with many various spanish artists. This song is all about lies. “the lie is a lie the truth is a lie.” How do we ever know what is truth, or in that case real? Nice instrumentals, makes me want to dance in a small low lit bar in mexico for some reason.

6.) WHY? “A sky for shoeing horses under”- Part of Anticon, a collective group of underground artists who defy the genre of hip hop. When I first heard WHY?in concert I was amazed. Why? has incredible instrumentals playing at least 8 different types , while spitting some intense yet subtle lyrics, including “when I’m eyed I tongue my bottom teeth and look at the sidewalk in front of me as my tennis shoes go in and out of the frame” Seriously,thats incred.

7.) Dave Brubeck & John Coltrane “Take five”- This song is fantastic for any time of the year or moment- I like to imagine being dressed up in a jazz club with a glass or Cabernet listening to good jazz all night.

8.) Telapopmusik “Just Breathe”-Takes me back to when I used to work at J-crew. So for me, this song is great to listen to while folding clothes. I’d walk around the store ignoring customers just so I could listen to this song. It puts me into a concentrating mood. Good for working out, artistic states, and cleaning.

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i really love(d) this mix.

i really love(d) this mix. sade is so underrated and i love everything she's done. this is a great, calming mix. thank you! :)

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