Bitch Tapes: Winter to Spring

A a very literal BitchTapes seasonal musical sampling, from (the Pacific Northwest's) rainy cold winter to the green green spring…

Winter to Spring from BitchTapes on 8tracks.



Fall to Winter

I Don't Believe In The Sun by the Magnetic Fields

Rain Song by Sunny Day Real Estate

In The Cold, Cold Night by the White Stripes

Raining Twilight Coast by Robyn Hitchcock

It's Raining by Irma Thomas

Let It Rain by Tilly & The Wall


Winter In You by the Deadly Syndrome

Rain and Snow by the Be Good Tanyas

Winter Love by Robyn Hitchcock

White Winter Hymnal by the Fleet Foxes

Cold Wind by the Arcade Fire

Winter to Spring

Another Green World by Brian Eno

Pale Green Things by The Mountain Goats

The Sprout and the Bean by Joanna Newsom

They Say It's Spring by Erin McKeown

Early Spring by the Mountain Goats

Let It Grow by the Black Lips

Who Loves The Sun by The Velvet Underground

Any favorite wintery/spring selections I should have added?


Note: We originally published this mix on February 19, 2010, but given the weather we've had in Portland lately it seemed high time for a re-listen.

by Brian Frank
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Anything by Bon Iver would

Anything by Bon Iver would be applicable, and awesome and wintry.

"Winter" by Kristin Hersh is

"Winter" by Kristin Hersh is good for mid-winter
"I Smell Winter" by The Housemartins is good for early winter/late fall

this is really good... it

this is really good... it also applies to maine fall -> winter -> spring ->
love joanna newsom

winter songs from Winnipeg, Canada

Bright Eyes - If Winter Ends
The Paperbacks (local Winnipeg) - If I make it through this winter

2 more Spring songs..

Spring Came, Rain Fell- Club 8

Spring- Saint Etienne

Winter to Spring

"Winter Coat" by Sprites

this is great. Love all these

this is great. Love all these bands.

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