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In the last couple of years, many of you have asked—with varying degrees of patience—if Bitch would ever return to selling t-shirts. Well, the answer is yes and the time is now. We're thrilled to announce the opening of BitchMart, our online shop. Tell the world you love Bitch, and look good doing it: With our eco-friendly, sweatshop-free products, you'll not only be the sharpest, most progressive dresser on your block, you'll be doing Bitch Media a solid by supporting our mission. We've got t-shirts, hoodies, hats, totes, and aprons on offer right now—all responsibly sourced, high quality, and very, very cute. And we're dreaming up new product lines that we'll be introducing as soon as we can, so if you've got a hankering for a specific kind of Bitch merch (notebooks? mugs? Snuggies?), tell us! In the meantime, check out the shop.

UPDATE: As you can see above, we are now offering the Classic t-shirt! It's unisex and runs in sizes small-3XL!

by Briar Levit
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Love this, but I sure do

Love this, but I sure do hope to plan to expand your size offerings soon.


<p>We offer up to XL, and our vendor is currently working on sourcing XXL. :) </p>

I appreciate that, but I

I appreciate that, but I still probably can't wear those clothes. I know it can be hard to find reliable, cute (and ethical!) sources for larger sizes, but considering that the average American woman is a size 14, that means your t-shirt is currently only wearable for half of American women.

Please consider pushing your supplier to carry even larger sizes -- 3x, 4x, 5x. I like the designs, and I'd love to be able to show my Bitch-love!

bitch shield

Wow, I had never realized this until I looked at your webstore, but why the uterus and fallopian tubes on the Bitch Shield? It seems unnecessarily essentialist, especially as most feminists that I know value and study queer theory. Why shut out transgender, intersex, genderqueer, gender variant (and more!) feminists on your logo?

Also, my big tits second the request for larger sizes. XL might do it, but XXL would be preferable.

just speaking up for size equality

Given how size activism/equality seems to be a recurring hot-topic here, I am also "voting" for offerings of sizes bigger than XL.

I must say ... I thought that white t-shirt looked like it was running a bit "small." Styles in sizes that run "small" annoy me so. They elaborate on certain bodily features I do not necessarily feel need to be elaborated on at all times. Thanks for considering.


Was so excited to see the new shirt designs....until I realized that there were none in plus-sizes. While I understand that it can be difficult to find eco-friendly resources in extended sizes, as a long-time Bitch supporter, feminist and pop-culture critic, I am saddened to discover that I am not in Bitch's contemplated audience.

Love it!

love it! thanks for finally getting the merch going!

plus sizes

I was also disappointed to see the lack of plus sizes. I might be able to do an XXL pullover sweatshirt, but it would be close. Totally need bigger sizes in T-shirts and hoodies, though. My wife and I would be very happy to buy your merch to support you and show how much we adore you guys, but we can't because of the size restriction.

I have always appreciated that Bitch never assumes that your readers are straight. Please don't assume your readers are skinny.

plus sizes PLEASE!

Here's one more vote for plus-size clothing items. Like someone else mentioned, given all the fat activism/size positive content included in your magazine and website, I totally expected to find a large variety (pun intended) of clothing sizes to accommodate everyone. And XXL in junior sizing (and the girly shirts usually are junior fit/smaller) does NOT count as plus-size! I wish I could order one of your t-shirts, but alas, XL 12-14 is way too small. I hope you'll consider us fat chicks!

We are working on it!

<p>And we probably should have noted in the original announcement that sizes, as well as merch offerings, are a work in progress -- our supplier has been working on sourcing larger sizes, but we could not afford to delay the opening of the shop while we work on that. </p><p>As marcelle42 points out, finding shirts and hoodies that are both cute and ethically made is a huge challenge (and is in fact the reason it's taken Bitch Media so long to resume selling merchandise), and unfortunately, finding larger sizes adds another layer of challenge, especially because we're trying very hard to also make sure the merch is affordable. </p><p>So we appreciate your comments, and please know that there is no intent whatsoever to exclude larger sizes -- we wear them too! We want to be able to bring you shirts that are good-looking AND responsibly made AND not exorbitant for the buyer, and while it may still be a few weeks before you see them in the shop, their current absence is something we're more than aware of! </p><p>Thanks for understanding, all. </p>

Slim Fit is not Size 0

Just want to day how I LOVE that the 'slim-fit' T-shirt is not on a skeletal model!

Trucker Caps?

Where did the trucker caps go? I waited a few days to order one and saw that they are no longer here. :(

In working out the kinks of

In working out the kinks of our new shop, we had to eliminate the trucker hat. The corps hat is pretty awesome too, though! :)

the sizing

Just a quick question. If the average size for a woman in America is a size 14, why is a 12-14 an XL? Shouldn't a 12-14 be a medium, with a range of sizes both above and below to reflect the actual variety of body sizes and shapes? I am no mathematician, but I seem to remember that median means in the middle (M), not at the upper end (XL). I recognize that Bitchmart has to work within the confines of the society in which we live and so respect the comments explaining the logistical difficulties of offering different sizes. However, the decision to offer a "Slim Fit (skinny) T" as opposed to a plain old t-shirt, as well as the decision as to what to label the sizes is something that is within Bitchmart's control. Why not offer both a "Narrow T-shirt" AND a "Traditional T-shirt"? Why not take a stand with the details; label the sizes XXXS (4-6), XS (6-8), S (10-12), M (12-14). Then when the other sizes come in- L (14-16), XL (16-18), XXL (18-20), etc. Not only would this be a better representation of reality, it would be a more positive, healthy one. A feminist one.

'...XXXS (4-6)...' So where

'...XXXS (4-6)...'

So where does this leave women like me who are a size 0-2? (Standard Disclaimer: That's how I am naturally. My mom was that way and so was my Grandma.) I'm all for healthy body image and embracing larger, more realistic sizes, but I'm also not thrilled about being kicked out of the size availability either - or that women like me are ignored when it comes to portrayals of body diversity, because with my tiny bones and 5'-nothin' petiteness, I sure as heck don't further the idealized starved model look. I'm just mini, is all, and every bit as 'normal' and womanly as a size 12-14 woman.

I do agree with the general statement though - the most commonly worn size should be a 'medium' or 'average' or whatever, et cetera. Good point that I think Bitchmart should consider organizing their store with.

Classic t-shirts now available!

<p>Hi everyone,</p><p>First I want to say thanks for your patience while we work out the kinks of our online shop. The good news is that the Classic t-shirts are now available in many sizes and colors...<a href="/store/classic-washed-t-shirt">check them out here</a>. This style has sizes ranging from S–3XL. </p><p>Also, just a reminder that the <a href="/store/unisex-pullover">Unisex pullover</a> has sizes ranging from S–2XL. </p><p> <img src="" height="460" width="460" /></p>

Love the shirt!

Love the shirt! Plain "bitch" is attractive when weared.

Bitch Shop


I am a big supporter of your awesome magazine and large contributor to your fuinding. I even belong to a "Bitch Boston Goggle group" and wetn to Bitch Fest. My question is do you plan to carry any men's messenger bags with the Bitch logo? ;Or would you ever consider a solid black collared shirt in men's XXL with the bitch logo on the front pocket? Just a thought. Thanks.

Mc Huggs :)

Re: Bitch Shop

Love it!

I really love the shirts. I have to agree, bigger sizes, bigger sizes!


Bitch T-short

Well I do not know... To me it will seems man in such T-short to look somehow not as a real man... Well, or it is necessary to be very courageous...

These shirts..will

These shirts..will definitely grab other people's attention while walking down the street.

Bitch Tee's For Pets

You all may want to consider offering the bitch logo shirts for dogs my <a href= > Labrador Retrievers </a> would very much love one for those chilly winter nights.

Return of the Bitch

Its a great news, i love the designs of bitch especially the one on hoddies with white fur. Simply awesome.


Nice shirts! let me get "Bitch" one, I'll than post a pic of me wearing it!


You need a t-shirt that says "You say Bitch like it's a BAD thing".

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