Bitch's second audio adventure

Time out from our fundraising adventure to share our second podcast with you: The Genesis of Genesis. Go have a listen!  

by Debbie Rasmussen
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Sighs... foiled yet again

Okay, so I love you people and I love all the content, both online and print.

But you have deaf supporters, y'know? Couldn't make heads nor tails of the video -- top-notch lipreading skills notwithstanding -- and now this.

Transcript? Help?


We'll get a transcript up as soon as possible! Thanks for bringing this up.

Video transcript is up

Sincere apologies for not posting this in the first place. <a href="/post/bitchs-fate-is-in-your-hands" target="_blank">Underneath the video is the transcript</a>. Podcast transcribing is next.

you got it!

I just fed the weiner dog some chow. I can't bear the thought of you following me into magazine publishing oblivion. Rock on ladies!


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