Bitchtapes! A New Kind of Love.

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Bitchtapes! A New Kind of Love.

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Tired of listening to Taylor Swift sing about all those love pains she’s endured? Yeah, me too. In (dis)honor of Valentine’s Day, here are some of my favorite tunes to smile to that present a love that is sometimes problematic, often tiring but never boring.

1. Lykke Li – Little Bit

I love Swedish pop. I make no excuses for this. Lykke Li’s shy exposure of those dreaded love feelings is oh so tender and oh so cute.

2. Betty Davis – Anti Love Song

Trying to stay away from someone who is just plain bad news? If you don’t love this song, I don’t love you.

3. The Pretenders – Tattooed Love Boys

So the simple explanation of this song is that I love a tattooed boy. The more complex and lyrics-obvious explanation is that the oral sex + tattoos equation does not = love. News?

4. Dolly Parton – I Will Always Love You

Whitney Houston has ruined this song for the masses! Dolly Parton, much celebrated country feminist icon, gives us the original version of what Whitney and Kevin Costner failed epically to portray on screen (I apologize to any Bodyguard fans). Doesn’t she hit those notes better than Whitney?

5. Antony and the Johnsons – Crazy in Love (Beyonce Cover)

A fresh take on Beyonce’s bootyshakin’ hit.

6. Robyn – Be Mine.

More Swedish pop? I warned you. In celebration of chalky candied Valentine’s Day hearts, Robyn’s ‘Be Mine’ tackles the all too familiar theme of never quite synching up with someone you just can’t forget about. Sigh.

7. The Moldy Peaches – Anyone Else But You

Purely adorable, so warm and fuzzy-ingly true, and wonderfully poignant.

8. Joan Jett and The Blackhearts – Crimson and Clover

I love hearing Joan Jett sing about a girl who makes her uncomfortably nervous and overjoyed.

If you’re looking for a more anti-valentine’s day, lost love kind of vibe, check out Thao Nguyen’s mix.

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Love, love, love!!!

Love, love, love!!! Especially the Betty Davis track -- She's so underappreciated in her awesomeness. Thanks!

I loved it! Thanks a lot for

I loved it! Thanks a lot for the list. I love most Be Mine by Robyn. It is really good to hear such kind of music. Thank you so much! I was just ambivalent while eating the Girl Scout Cookies due to the <a rev="vote for" title="Girl Scout cookie recall affects Lemon Chalet Cremes" href=" ">Girl Scout Cookie recall</a>. Does anyone know about it? Ugh. Apparently, the oil used in making the cookies makes them stink, but they aren't toxic or anything.

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