BitchTapes: Beach Party Revisited!

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Since roughly half of the US and much of the rest of the northern hemisphere is slushing through the snow and ice right now, we thought it might be nice to revisit a BitchTapes mix from last year in the hopes of warming things up a little. Beach Party, expertly crafted by former Bitch intern Sara Reihani, has just the jams to keep your mood sunny while you're snowed in. So pour yourself a daiquiri and let's hit the beach!

1. Surfin' USA - The Beach Boys Too obvious? Nahhh. 2. Under the Boardwalk - The Drifters I like this song because it references an essential part of the beach boardwalk experience: the food. Also because it has a guiro! 3. (Remember) Walkin' In the Sand - The Shangri-Las Another obvious choice, but nostalgic pop songs are some of the best beach music. 4. Sea Cruise - Frankie Ford This 1959 hit features some cheesy “crashing wave” noises in the intro and outro that actually sound more like an oncoming train than the ocean. 5. Kimya Dawson, This Song Is Not About You But Will You Be Our Friend - Peggy Sue And with this charming track, we enter the “modern indie” portion of our mixtape. 6. OK!… Lobster - Hello Seahorse If this song doesn't cheer you up, I really have nothing else for you. 7. Long Walk on the Beach - Grass Widow Grass Widow also likes doomy candlelit dinners, in case you were wondering. 8. Beach Party Tonight! - Hard Girls This song sensibly advises you to bring your own sweater to the beach party, because it can get really cold there at night. 9. Turtle Island - Beach House I like turtles. 10. Beach Girls - Sleigh Bells 11. Back to the Sea - The Thermals And the last leg of this mixtape is electronic music! 12. Hey Rubella - Tracy + The Plastics This song isn't beach-themed at all, but I enjoy listening to it when I am driving to the beach, so there you go.

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