BitchTapes: Breakup Mix #3

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My friend Nicole and I commiserated over her recent break-up last night. We talked, we ate, we imbibed…..but most importantly, we had a rock-off with YouTube, our mp3 collections, and every break-up song we knew – the good, the bad, the ugly, our favorites, and some must-have suggestions from the rest of the Bitch crew. (Some classics, like Phil Collins' “Against All Odds,” were vetoed due to Nicole's sense of pride. I mean, the break-up wasn't that bad!) Before long, we developed a 3rd installation of BitchTapes breakup songs. Without further ado…

1. Cat Power - “Good Woman” Bad timing.
2. The Band - “It Makes No Difference” When you're too tired to care.
3. Blind Pilot - “One Red Thread” …And a needle to the heart.
4. Sleater-Kinney - “Good Things” Yeah, yeah, yeah, this make's everybody's list. And it's making ours too.
5. Tom Petty - “Feel a Whole Lot Better” aka Good Riddance.
6. Bon Iver - “Skinny Love” Good for break-ups of all proportions.
7. Tori Amos - “Tear in Your Hand” The only question was which Tori Amos song to include…
8. The National - “Sorrow” When you want to stay stuck just a little longer.
9. The Reverend Horton Heat - “Where In The Hell Did You Go With My Toothbrush?” A little lighthearted one, just one, to spice it up.
10. Robyn - “Dancing On My Own” And showing off my new hairdo!
11. Wilco - “I Am Trying To Break Your Heart” 'Nuff said.
12. Elliott Smith - “I Didn't Understand” In case you aren't hating on yourself enough already.
13. Billie Holiday - “Good Morning Heartache” Too classic to be ignored.
14. Liz Phair - “Divorce Song” Road trips and break-ups, two things that go great together.
15. Dresden Dolls - “Truce” This one might actually be a little rough to handle if you're actually heartbroken right now. Think about the skip button! 
16. Rilo Kiley - “A Man/Me/Then Jim” One song, triple the heartbreak.

Don't miss other classic breakup BitchTapes - Torch Songs for Broken Hearts and Breaking Up is Hard to Do. And don't forget to post your favorite song we should have been sobbing to!

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How about Something I can

How about Something I can Never Have - Nine Inch Nails?

breakup mix

Abba - "Knowing Me Knowing You" - Keeps the path clear for mutual understanding.

Breakup Songs

"Your Ex-Lover Is Dead" by Stars pretty much scored my entire break-up. Once I stopped listening to that one, I moved on to "Good Life" by Weezer to remind me that I was better off without him. To also soothe the pain, my best friend and I wrote a book called "How to Get Over a Guy in 10 Days" and then wrote "365 Reasons Why I'm Still Single." It's a fun and lighthearted take on being single...and a reason for every day of the year. Either of those books would make Nicole smile. Check it out on Amazon or be a fan on Facebook (or both!)


I would include:

1. Adele- Take It All Away- I know it's super trendy to like Adele right now, but her songs are just so good. Also, I've never heard a song quite capture all those little nagging breakup motivation questions like this.

2.Cake-I Will Survive- A new(ish) twist on an old classic. Plus, you can totally rock out to this in your car with the makeup running down your face.

3.Corinne Bailey Rae- 'Till It Happens To You- Reminiscing about how good your relationship used to be.

4. Jazmine Sullivan- Bust Your Windows- This song just feels so good to sing.

5. La Roux- Bulletproof- What you hope/try to be after your breakup.

I love that it was so obvious

I love that it was so obvious to add Tori Amos; she's always on my list too. I'm glad that Robyn was included because everyone needs to dance out their emotions on the dance floor or just in their room.

go west!

a breakup but basically GETTING OVER IT SONG i love is "the king of wishful thinking" by go west. pretty woman soundtrack, nuff said.

Songs to my current

Songs to my current breakup:

"Putting the Damage on" Tori Amos
"Limp" Fiona Apple
"Lovesick" Fional Apple
"Precious" Depeche Mode
"You Hold Me Down" Motion City Soundtrack
"Paper Bag" Fiona Apple
"Little Girl Blue" Janis Joplin (yeah, I do spend a lot time feeling sorry for myself too)
and almost anything by Amy Winehouse

and in my past experience and at this moment, the ultimate breakup album ever is Bob Dylan's Blood on the Tracks. Something for every stage of grief and anger.

God yes, definitely Dresden

God yes, definitely Dresden Dolls and Truce, that song is amazing.

I'm also partial to Rasputina's version of Wish You Were Here for a breakup esp for the line Did you exchange a walk on part in a war for a lead role in a cage?


My Whole World Ended (The Moment You Left Me) --David Ruffin
Say You -- Colourbox
It's Over--B.E.F featuring Bill McKenzie
Heartbreak Hotel--John Cale
September Girls--Big Star
A Little Bit of Soap--The Jarmels
Such a Small Love--Scott Walker
Love Will Tear Us Apart--Joy Division
Stand Tall--Burton Cummings
Both Ends Burning --Roxy Music
Sign of the Times--The Belle Stars
Since You're Gone--The Cars

Breakup Mix

On the sadder side I like Francis Dunnery's Good Life (it was featured in Scrubs).
Then there is also the entire album dedicated to break ups: Maroon 5's Songs About Jane.

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