BitchTapes: Burger Babes

Sometimes our BitchTapes are about colors, elements, or seasons.  Other times they're about cover songs or friendship.  This time, we thought we'd dedicate a playlist to a very cool label called Burger Records.  Haven't heard of them yet?  They're a small outfit based out of Fullerton, California and they've been releasing quality records and tapes since 2007.  This week, they put out an incredible 71-song compilation featuring some of the best bands Burger has to offer.  It's just $10 and proceeds go to funding a life-saving surgery for a weiner dog named Popcorn.  Not sure you're ready to shell out the dough?  Think of this BitchTapes as a very small sampling of some of our favorite Burger babes.

BitchTapes: Burger Babes from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio.


1. “Barbacoa” – Guantanamo Baywatch

2. “Heart Break” – Shannon and The Clams

3. “Tu” – Davila 666

4. “Softly” – The Memories

5. “Lovers Lane” – Hunx and His Punx

6. “Baby I Need You” – The Shivas

7. “Stinking Cloud” – Thee Oh Sees

8. “Girlfriend” – Ty Segall

9. “Ears & Eyes” – Audacity

10. “Anybody Out There” – Mean Jeans

11. “Brass Knuckles” – Personal & The Pizzas

12. “Blow Dumb” – No Bunny

13. “Keep on Movin'” – King Tuff

14. “Chill Yourself” – White Fang

Music and puppies?  Can't go wrong with that.  Remember that there are only 500 cassettes pressed, though, so don't think about it for too long!  Did you like the mix?  What are your favorite Burger bands?  Let us know in the comments.


by Emilly Prado
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Emilly Prado is a writer, educator, and interim director of Youth Programs at Literary Arts in Portland, Oregon. When not writing or teaching, Emilly moonlights as DJ Mami Miami with Noche Libre, the Latinx DJ collective she cofounded in 2017. Learn more at or @emillygprado on Twitter and Instagram.

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3 Comments Have Been Posted

hey listeners! The Shivas,

hey listeners!
The Shivas, Mean Jeans and Guantanamo Baywatch, King Tuff.... and more on this list are all Portland bands! If you live and Portland OR and like what you hear..... then go to a show of theirs! check out what's going on in Portland tonight here:

Guantanamo Baywatch has a kick ass female bassist!
The Shivas has a kick ass female drummer!

Thank you for posting this, I do love burger! All these bands rock!

I love them too. They are one

I love them too. They are one of the best bands i have ever listened and they really did well !
I have listen their show once and I have placed the recording here and you can enjoy it too. It was one of awesome collection !

Loved Davila 666! Definitely

Loved Davila 666! Definitely a new favorite band :) Also adored Shannon & The Clams and Hunx & His Punx! They look like a John Waters movie cast, haha! <3 <3 <3

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