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As queer folks, it can be hard to find music that resonates with our experiences of crushing and intimacy. Thanks to the folks operating the Tumblr directory “Girls and Nonbinary Folks in Music,” my quest was a lot easier. After searching through this treasure trove of mostly independent artists, I made this mixtape full of tunes that explore the emotional wilderness of crushes. It includes women, nonbinary folks, and queer artists, with music ranging from shoegaze to hip-hop to pop punk (because crushes transcend genres, duh).

Crushville from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio.


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1. Annoying- All Dogs

2. Nasa Daydreams- Dunk Fever

3. Hounds of Love- Kate Bush

4. Am I Wrong That You Want Me- Frankie Cosmos

5. Repeat Pleasure- How To Dress Well

6. Francis Forever- Mitski

7. Pearly Dewdrops-Drops- Cocteau Twins

8. Talk To Me- Babeo Baggins feat. 

9. Ode to One Night Stands- Adult Mom

10. Stand Next to Me- Bad Banana

11. Like How You Are- P.S. Eliot


by Tyler Rizzo
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