BitchTapes: Damn Those Queers Are Loud!

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A mix of loud ROCK music by GAY PEOPLE! Turn it up!

This tape is curated by Dani, who is a member of the queer punk-house band Du Og Meg and loud gay bands Love & Caring and Forever. She also DJs groovy vinyl records and does some writing for She Shreds. You can check out the work recorded at her studio, Sister Secrets, and email her here


DAMN THOSE QUEERS ARE LOUD from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio.

BTW, this mix pairs well without our new podcast episode: Seattle is a Queer Music Boomtown.

Track list: 

Stomach Pains — Gaytheist 

I Know What You Did Last 4th of July — Our First Brains

I — Perfect Pussy 


BROWN DOG —Thelma and The Sleaze

Evening Shadow — Palo Verde 

Speak Softly After Dark (For Nina) — Magic Mouth

I Hate Everyone — BITTER FRUIT


Super Moon (in Scorpio — Ghost Ease

Strawberry ‘79 — Wishbeard 

Put Your Back N 2 It — Perfume Genius

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