BitchTapes: Female Drummers Who Rock

This week’s Bitchtape features 10 of the most heavy hitting women drummers in rock. Starting in the 1970s with The Raincoats, up into the 1980s with ESG, and working our way through the Pacific Northwest 90s with Bikini Kill and Sleater-Kinney. Electrelane, Grass Widow, Broken Water and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club bring us into the 2000s, and we finish up with The Black Angels and Beverly who both released albums in 2014. So give this playlist a listen and start your 2015 off walking to the beat of these drummers. 

Female Drummers Who Rock from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio.

  1. Black and White- The Raincoats
  2. U.F.O.- ESG
  3. Rebel Girl - Bikini Kill
  4. Oh! - Sleater-Kinney
  5. On Parade - Electrelane
  6. Fried Egg - Grass Widow
  7. Heal - Broken Water
  8. Beat the Devil's Tattoo - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  9. Bad Vibrations - The Black Angels
  10. Honey Do - Beverly 

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    by Camila Danger
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    clare moore

    Might add CLARE MOORE here. We've played together since THE MOODISTS in the early 80s. Played all sorts of rough joints in Australia, Europe,the UK and USA. Done about 30 albums. She has also done two solo albums and also the DAMES as well as film and tv work. Playing mostly drums but also keys and vibes.

    The Moodists in 1984

    Dave Graney 'n the Coral Snakes FEELIN KINDA SPORTY 1997


    THE DAMES - the groosalugg 2013

    SALMON - guitarmony suite 2007

    CLARE MOORE - the town bike songs 2007

    CLARE MOORE - a lot to drink about 2008


    you can't have a list like

    you can't have a list like this without including Georgia Hubley of Yo La Tengo!!!!!!

    THANK YOU yes mama

    THANK YOU yes mama

    Glaring Omission

    There is no way you can make a list like this and not include Sara Lund of Unwound. One of the best drummers I've ever seen live (and I've seen a lot), regardless of gender.


    Compare Live at Max's Kansas City, when Moe was out sick, to any recording where she's drumming. It ain't VU without her.

    Since you're in Portland,

    Since you're in Portland, Bitch Magazine, you should check out local band Sad Horse. The drummer kicks ass! I have a girl-crush on her.

    You should definitely think

    You should definitely think about adding Daniele Daniele from Priests to this list. Another superb female drummer who rocks.

    Daniele Daniele from Priests

    Where's Daniele Daniele from Priests? They've played alongside Black Widow and Sleater-Kinney recently, as well as just being a female drummer who rocks.

    Took Out a Loan is actually

    Took Out a Loan is actually from before Leah joined Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Nick Jago is still the drummer on that track. It's a shame you chose that song rather than any of the fantastic ones where Leah drums!

    Thanks for the tip!

    Thanks for the quick education! We swapped out "Took Out a Loan" for "Beat the Devil's Tattoo."

    I'm THAT person

    Great list, but Palm Olive didn't play on the recorded version of Heard It Through the Grapevine, a session dude did. She joined the Raincoats; handy for a straight swap on the list.

    Also Cornelius drummer. One of the best I've ever seen.

    the grates drummer

    I've always loved Alana skyring in the Grates. Great energy, and sneaks in great poly rhythms and different beats where other drummers wouldn't.

    I like it

    I really ejnoyed reading this

    The Colourist

    Check out the Colourist! They are not an all female band BUT their drummer is an amazing woman and she is one of the lead vocals. Great band, and great music!

    Sara Ercegović from Žen

    You shoud definitely add Sara Ercegović from the croation band Žen. Great, great, great drummer.

    "Žen connects female energy, a variety of chocolate bars, beer bottle caps, sounds from nature, hot ketchup and multicolored flowers and creates a doughey mass that creeps into instruments and exits through amplifiers and speakers.

    In 2008, the trio released their first demo, followed by the EP, Nešto ispred tebe (Something in front of you), a year later. Now, Žen are releasing their first longplayer on Unrecords. The album will be released also on vinyl in autumn.

    Žen is a consequence of a little probable collision of a few excentric comets that, according to the rule saying statistics are always wrong, happened in 2006. This galactic event, that went by the name of Ž/BUKA, expanded, developped, made noise, whimpered, collected some experiences, went through certain phases of musical expression, changed a lot of colors and finally learned how to fly.

    In the abstract time dimension of the universe, to reptile and earthlings accepted as the number 2009, the flying Ž/BUKA collided with a Russian satellite, exploded and assumed a bodiless state that goes by the name of Žen."

    Cheshire Agusta!

    Great list - thanks!

    I'd include Cheshire Agusta of Stinking Lizaveta out of West Philly. Heavy beats!

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