BitchTapes: Female Pop Stars of the Early 90s

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Best of Bitchtapes! Here's a Bitchtapes from the past we're re-posting because it's too jam-worthy to forget!
The other day, while singing “Forever Your Girl” in the shower (don't judge – you know that song rules) I started thinking about the awesome female pop stars of the early 90s. Now, full disclosure: I was born in 1982, so I began to develop my own taste (or lack thereof) in music during that golden era. Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul, Whitney Houston – these women taught me and my tween (though we didn't call it that back then) friends what it meant to truly rock out as strong women. Sure, our side ponytails, multicolored keds, and leggings may not have said “Empowered Women” to the kids on the playground, but as we jammed out to “Rhythm Nation” on our Sony Walkmen our veins coursed with the power that only a true Female Pop Star can provide.

The early 90s were full of said Female Pop Stars, so without further adieu, I bring you BitchTapes: Female Pop Stars of the Early 90s Edition. Throw that hair into a side ponytail and let's do this.

1. “Black Cat” by Janet Jackson This song made me feel like a complete badass when I was in fifth grade. My cousin and I even choreographed a dance to it and wore backwards hats to show our grandparents audience how tough we were.

2. “Forever Your Girl” by Paula Abdul Oh Paula. She may be a wacky tv competition show judge now, but this song still rules. Check out this live version of it from Yokahama, Japan in 1991. Such fashion sense!

3. “Queen of the Night” by Whitney Houston Remember how awesome Whitney Houston was in the 90s? This song is so powerful. Rumor has it Ms. Houston is making a comeback and I can only pray it is true.

4. “Fantasy” by Mariah Carey I have a friend who plays this song at every party he throws, and the crowd goes nuts every single time. So catchy! The version of “Fantasy” on the BitchTapes mix is the original, but I am including the ODB remix video here just to remind you that it exists.

5. “Rain” by Madonna I made a tape off of the top 40 radio station when I was in fourth grade and this song got some major play on it. Ah, the emotions.

6. “Another Sad Love Song” by Toni Braxton For some reason this song really spoke to me when I was 11, even though I had about 10 years to go before I'd enter an actual relationship. I guess that speaks to the power of Braxton.

7. “It's All Coming Back to Me Now” by Céline Dion It's easy to make fun of Céline Dion (the creepy husband, Molly Shannon's SNL impersonation, Titanic) but she is a true Female Pop Star. I love the intensity of this song – just try to not to belt it out along with her, I dare you.

8. “Save the Best for Last” by Vanessa L. Williams Before Vanessa L. Williams was a television actress, but after she was a fallen Miss America, she was a Female Pop Star. This is another song that weirdly spoke to my fourth-grade heart, as I believed it was about me and the boy I liked. I used to sing it under my breath as I walked by his house on the way home from school. Seriously.

Any other Female Pop Stars of the Early 90s you'd like to give props to? Leave 'em in the comments section!

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Love it

This is absolutely the best mix ever. Toss in some Amy Grant and Wilson Phillips, and you've got my tween experience.

Definitely need to add Annie

Definitely need to add Annie Lennox, Son of a Preacher Man

I love Mariah's sexy

I love Mariah's sexy rollerblading look! So 90's!

Definitely seconding Annie

Definitely seconding Annie Lennox's "Walking on Broken Glass." I also spent an extraordinary amount of time singing Patti Smyth's "Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough," though I always sung Don Henley's part on the choruses.

Okay, I have to say that I

Okay, I have to say that I am SHOCKED to see that the spice girls are not on this mix. True, I was born in 1987, and missed a lot of the 80s popstars, but the spice girls were the role models that got me through my adolescence! Even now I listen to them!

Oh, that takes me back...

But my first female popstar loves weren't on that list, probably because they're more Eurocentric: Sandra ("Hiroshima" gave me goosebumps) and Betty Boo.

oh, celine dion "it's all

oh, celine dion "it's all coming back to me now," and i'm in 7th grade again. . .

Great post! My early teens

Great post!

My early teens wouldn't be the same without this pre-Emo Lisa Loeb cracker :

Respect for ODB Fantasy the line

"what you gonna do when you get out jail?/
I'm gonna do a remix"


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