BitchTapes: Fireplace Grooves

You may have noticed that we Portlanders have a tendency to select our music (and clothing palettes) according to the whims of the weather. Now that fall (and the rain) is in full swing around these parts, all I want to do is curl up by a fire.  In that spirit, I present to you the BitchTapes: Fireplace Grooves edition. While listening to this mix, I recommend sitting by a fire and doing at least one of the following: eating bowls of soup, drinking hot cider or cocoa from an oversized mug (let me humbly suggest this one), cuddling with your pet(s), knitting scarves, drinking wine or hot toddies (Please be advised that combining several hot toddies with knitting can only end in disaster. Trust me on this one).  


Fireplace Grooves from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio.


1. In The Dirt- S. Carey

2. What We Gained in the Fire- Mynabirds

3. Travelling Woman- Bat For Lashes

4. I Don't Want Love – The Antlers

5. Done with Love – The Whispertown 2000

6. Buckets of Rain- Neko Case (Bob Dylan Cover)

7. Curs in the Weeds – Horsefeathers

8. Orchids- Maria Taylor

9. Slowness- Calexico

10. Here in the Going, Going, Gone – Greg Brown

11. Safe and Sound- Azure Ray

12. I Know Places- Lykke Li


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by Lisa Knisely
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Lisa Knisely holds a PhD in women’s, gender, and sexuality studies, and is an assistant professor of the liberal arts in Portland, Oregon. One of her most cherished pastimes is reading feminist philosophy with a cappuccino.

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