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Forward! from BitchTapes on 8tracks.

The word “forward” keeps popping up in my sphere. Wisconsinites wielded it during their recent recall election (it's their state motto). Obama has chosen it as his new campaign slogan.

I've decided to adapt it as my personal slogan as well. My life has gone in about a million different directions over the last year—I finished school, went through a major break-up, threw stability to the wind and moved halfway across the country. I know I'm not alone in feeling uncertain about the direction my life will take from here (it is graduation season after all), but that doesn't make moving forward any easier.

So, to those of you who aren't sure where you're going either: I made this “forward”-themed mix for you.

1. “Shake It Out” (Acoustic) – Florence + The Machine

Because dancing the devil off is always more fun unplugged.

2. “There's So Much Energy in Us” – Cloud Cult

Basically, Cloud Cult wants you to know that you can do anything. As if you didn't already know.

3. “Purgatory Blues” – Juliette & The Licks

Juliette Lewis is always available to remind you that moving on is tough shit (but so are you).

4. “The Good That Won't Come Out” – Rilo Kiley

A good jam for when you're feeling stagnant. Just don't sit still forever.

5. “Burn Your Life Down” – Tegan and Sara

An optimistic reminder that sometimes you have to start over somewhere new—just don't take the title too literally. Arson is a crime. 

6. “Fuel” – Ani DiFranco

Ani is always good at bringing the big picture forward.

7. “New Resolution” – Azure Ray

No song relays a sense of defiance and urgency like this one does. I think it's time to get off my ass.

8. “Not For Sale” – CocoRosie

CocoRosie wants you to take control of your own life. Probably good advice.

9. “Clear The Area” – Imogen Heap

Trust her. Just get the hell outta there.

10. “Greatness” – Sonnymoon

Being great is fine, but everything has its downside. Moving forward doesn't always mean you'll be on top.


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Great timing of your list for

Great timing of your list for me!!! Tks for sharing.

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