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Katie Presley is a writer and editor currently based on the East Coast (help, how did this happen??). She's been with Bitch in one form or another since 2010, when she started as a New Media Intern, and most recently served as Bitch's first and only Music Editor, from 2016-2017. Past resume lines include Assistant Producer for All Songs Considered at NPR Music, panelist on Pop Culture Happy Hour, and bylines at NPR and Ms. Katie is also a doula and herbalist, and writes a blog on herbal medicine, "The Herbal Apprentice." She also co-founded the first full-spectrum doula organization in Texas, The Bridge Collective. She is also a late-comer to being a Dog Person, but currently lives with four cats. 

This week marked the beginning of Hanukkah, which in turn marked the beginning of the gift buying/giving frenzy that happens at the end of every year. Here's a soundtrack to keep you company while you shop (nudge, nudge): 

1. Brand New Key by Melanie

If I ever find out that Melanie Safka does not, in fact, traverse the world mainly on rollerskates, I will be SORELY disappointed. 

2. Parting Gift by Fiona Apple

OK, it's a downer, fine. But calling a breakup song a “parting gift,” and calling an ex a “silly, stupid pastime” make this song the prettiest insult I've probably ever heard. 

3. Take it From Me by The Weepies

On exactly the opposite end of the relationship spectrum, here is an adorable song about giving love away even when it's scary.

4. All I Want by Joni Mitchell

Joni is a generous gal to have in your life, I think. Knitted sweater? She wants to make one for you! Love letter? She's been itchin' to write you one! Feel sad? She wants to make you feel BETTER! Thanks, Joni. 

5. The Flowers by Regina Spektor 

Sometimes gifts are hard to get rid of, even when it's time. It's like a poignant version of giving away ugly holiday sweaters that don't fit. 

6. Your Song by Elton John

A song? For me?! Oh Elton! You shouldn't have!

7. Gimme More by Britney Spears

That Britney. She cannot get enough of anything. Also, we here at Bitch KNOW it's you, Britters. No need to remind us.

(Full disclosure: I've been waiting to make that joke for as long as I've been at Bitch. Now you know.)

8. Wedding Song by Anais Mitchell, featuring Justin Vernon

Sometimes trees, birds, and the river all get in on the gift-giving, too!

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