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Girls Rock Camp summer showcase season is back! Since 2001 in Portland, OR, Girls Rock Camps have been empowering girls and women through music creation in cities and towns across North America and Europe, with a total of 37 camps in the international GRC network, Girls Rock Camp Alliance. GRC Summer Camp is a week-long program where girls and women ages 8-18 learn a new instrument, form bands, and collaborate to create an original song performed live complete with screaming fans and camper-designed band t-shirts. This BitchTapes is a sampling of songs written and performed by campers from Girls Rock Camps across North America and Europe. Check out a camp showcase this summer at a GRC near you!

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1. The Flaming Gummy Bears - Awesome Idea Song written at Girls Rock! RVA.

2. Berlin - Surreal to You written at Popkollo Hultsfred.

3. Riff Raff - 1-800-Eyeball written at Southern Girls Rock 'n' Roll Camp.

4. The Maudlynns - Heart Strings written at Girls Rock! Chicago.

5. City of Youth - One Chance written at Bay Area Girls Rock Camp.

6. Nefarious Amour - Falling Too Fast written at Girls Rock Philly.

7. Buzzing Silence - Love is Just A Game written at Rain City Rock Camp for Girls.

8. Emcies - Unsere Zeit written at Ruby Tuesday Rock and Hip Hop Camp.

9. Girls Rock Vermont - No Boys Allowed written at Girls Rock Vermont.

10. Kroh - Pointers written at Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls, Portland

11. Canessa - Girl Power written at Girls Rock Charleston.

12. Cutting Out Cute - Lucy written at Girls Rock Camp, Peterborough.

Thank you to all the Girls Rock Camp organizers and campers for sharing your songs!

Image borrowed from Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls the book published by Chronicle Books. Design by Jacob Gardner, Photo by Shayla Hason, Copyrighted by Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls.

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Love this spotlight! I

Love this spotlight! I regularly volunteer with Girls Rock! Chicago and am a counselor in the summer. Few experiences in my life have been as rewarding! It's nice to hear music coming from the other camps :)

chicago girls summer camps

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