BitchTapes: Hail to the Metal Queens

Sifting through the archives of Bitch, I happened upon a big, bad pile of the other Bitch: a newsprint zine from the '80s that called itself “The Women’s Rock Mag With Bite.” To a metal fan like me, this zine is gold: one issue even featured Rude Girl/Chastain screamer Leather Leone on the cover! Inspired by this lucky find, “Hail to the Metal Queens” is a righteous, rip-roaring mini-compendium of some of the most powerful—and underrated—voices in heavy metal. Let loose your hair, throw your fists in the air, and get ready to get loud!


Hail to the Metal Queens from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio.

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Hail to the Queen – Diamond Claw

The Battle of Nevermore – Chastain

Torn Away – Pantara

Stop – Plasmatics

Race With the Devil – Girlschool

Metal Lady – Kegyetlen Hajsza

Noah – Mari Hamada

At Death’s Door – Sacrilege

Burning the Witches – Warlock

We Are the Widows – Hammers of Misfortune

Desert Rose – Christian Mistress

By the Fall of Night – The Antiprism

Mind Riot – Insuiciety 

Need more metal? Writer Jordannah Elizabeth put together a women-in-metal mixtape last summer. 

by Ellie Piper
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In the stoner/doom arena, Windhand, Royal Thunder and Jess & the Ancient Ones have been tearing it up lately, fit to join older artists like Bottom, Acid King and Fireball.

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