Bitchtapes: Holiday Chillout Time

The holidays don't always go down as planned, but don't let that stress you out. If family starts to rub you the wrong way, that meal for 12 turns into some basic carbon, or all of these holiday fools stress out your non-observant vacation, take five, find your quiet spot, and listen to this calm-down mix.

Bitchtapes: Holiday Chillout from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio.

Cocteau Twins - “Lorelei”: Elizabeth Fraser is so chilled out she doesn't even pronounce consonants. Also, these haircuts.

Blood on the Wall - “I'd Like to Take You Out Tonight”: The Brooklyn liferz tone their usual racket down and let bassist Courtney Shanks take the mic for this hazy cut from 2005's Awesomer.

Broadcast - “Long Was the Year”: This one's for everyone stuck in the airports.

Gang Gang Dance - “Vacuum”: Some serious Oreck dub(two-)step for your max-and-relax session.

Make-Up - “I Am Pentagon”: Find that Sharper Image neck-air-conditioner-thing, put on your headphones, and get sassy with Ian Svenonius.

The Ponys - “I'm With You”: The Ponys' turn for pop on the wonderful and frightening Celebration Castle might be the best argument for hand claps this side of the Beach Boys.

Vivian Girls - “Wild Eyes”: Sometimes you gotta just turn down the lights, lie facedown on the bed, and listen to Vivian Girls.

Deerhoof - “Matchbook Seeks Maniac”: Deerhoof cool it with the frantic pace on Friend Opportunity's shining gem.

With all of this heat transfer, you should be plenty chilled-out by now. Because, you know, physics.

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Little known fact...

My middle name is Lorelei, a very intentional Cocteau Twins reference by my very hip parents.
Also, this mix. Yes.

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