BitchTapes: Lux

Light, in the winter months, feels like a commodity. As the days get shorter and darkness encroaches we tend to recede into our homes earlier in the evening, where we can create our own light. This source, electric, solar, and imagined, receives a new awareness in the wintertime, and perhaps a greater appreciation. This week's BitchTapes revolves around the precious lux.

1. See The Light - Sparklehorse “I can't see the light from the trees” 2. Bad Light - Built To Spill “And all that sun makes so much shine. How this is done like so much science” 3. Broken Light - Aloha “Broken light interrupt my dream, guide me out of danger into your gold” 4. Light The Match - Mirah “You flicker, you amaze me. Your lips illuminate me.” 5. Magic Light - Wampire “Shining down from deep within your soul, magic light seeping out into everything you touch” 6. Kill The Headlights - Nicole Atkins “Don't pull over, just kill the headlights” 7. Perfect Light - Love Battery “If you want a definition, I don't want to let you down. Have you found the perfect light?” 8. Unlighted Shadow - Love Like Fire “Somewhere there's a warm light / Glowing from the inside / I will hang my eyes up on the sun” Have your own light-inspired favorite tracks? Leave them in the comments!

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Johnny Nash - "I Can See

<b>Johnny Nash - "I Can See Clearly Now"</b>
<i>"It's gonna be a bright bright sunshine-y day."</i>


Audioslave: Light my way, the last remaining light...

Blood of Man: Sunlight

I adore all of the

I adore all of the BitchTapes. absolute class <3

"Light up ya Lighter,"

"Light up ya Lighter," Michael Franti

and the light-related...

"July Flame," Laura Veirs

"Sundrops," Kristin Hersh

Arcade Fire: Halflight II.

Arcade Fire: Halflight II. Great post - love Lux.

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