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Kjerstin Johnson
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Kjerstin Johnson is a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon. She is the former editor in chief of Bitch. She tweets at @kajerstin

Who needs overpriced beer and heatstroke when you can enjoy a music festival in the comfort of your own city? That’s how I feel about Musicfest Northwest, taking place in Portland next week from September 8-11. Bitch Media will doing special daily blog posts on the upcoming acts. Don’t worry–we won’t flood the interwebs with any more updates on the Walkmen or The National, we’ll be covering queer and female artists who maybe aren’t getting as much attention as the bigger acts. PDX-ers can be informed about which shows to catch and non-locals can look forward new music, mp3s, and videos from shows. This week’s mix is emblematic of the Pac-NW unknowns and international stars playing Portland next week. From New-Orleans bounce to artsy-dance and folk rock, hopefully you’ll find something you like!

1. Dirty Mittens - The Small Things
We’ve covered the Dirty Mittens before, and it’s good to see they’re still going strong down the road! (Berbati’s Pan, 9/11)

2. Shonen Knife - I Wanna Eat Choco Bars
This all-female trio from Osaka has been keeping power chords and pop music beats for almost thirty years now! They toured with Nirvana back in the day, and now headline their own candy-coated rock shows all over the world. (Mississippi Studios, 9/10)

3. Big Freedia - Gin in My System
Recently profiled in the New York Times Magazine’s feature on bounce music, Louisiana’s Big Freedia is the absolute “Queen of Bounce,” touring and performing tirelessly to get as many people shaking their butts as possible. (Roseland Theater, 9/9; Holocene, 9/11)

4. Lovers - Figure 8
Portland’s Carolyn Berk heads Lovers with fellow artists Kerby Ferris and Emily Kingan. Not many acts can say they’re playing both MFNW and the Time-Based Art festival. (Rotture, 9/11)

5. MEN - Off Our Backs
If you’ve been waiting to see JD Samson’s MEN, they’re headlining an awesome show that’s sure to induce non-stop dancing and pit stains. (Rotture, 9/11)

6. AgesAndAges - No Nostalgia
AaA promises a good show–their six members were all enlisted to replicate a the intricacies of a studio recording on stage. And those vocals! (Bunk Bar, 9/11)

7. Laura Veirs - I Can See Your Tracks
Accomplished singer-songwriter Laura Veirs strays off the acoustic path with moody, poetic tunes. (Pioneer Courthouse Square, 9/11)

8. Y La Bamba - Fasting in San Francisco
Haunting, pleasant, and pretty, Y La Bamba’s charm comes mostly from the vocals and songwriting of Luz Elena Mendoza, who has infused Portland’s indie-folk vibe with “old school Mexican 30’s music.” (Someday Lounge, 9/10).

9. Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside - Danger
I’ve been following Sallie Ford ever since she and her band killed it at a Bitch benefit show last summer (and they were the openers!). (Berbati’s Pan, 9/9)

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