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Kjerstin Johnson is a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon. She is the former editor in chief of Bitch. She tweets at @kajerstin

For this week's Bitchtapes, I wanted to feature some new artists and some soon-to-be-released (or brand spankin' new) tunes out there from independent labels.

1. Laura Veirs - Little Lap-Dog Lullaby Songstress Laura Veirs is putting out a children's album of traditional folk tunes. For Veirs fans, this will be a great album whether you have a tiny tot or not. (Tumble Bee - 11/8, Raven Marching Band Records) 2. Mr. Gnome - Ate the Sun I put this CD in to preview a week ago and have not taken it out since! This Cleveland duo creates really amazing music—layered vocals, strong guitar, and tracks that seamlessly merge into the next. Stream another single at their website. (Madness in Miniature -10/25, El Marko Records) 3. Twin Sister - Bad Street Twin Sister is great at transforming simple pop melodies into soaring masterpieces. Here's the first single off their latest. (In Heaven - 9/27, Domino Records) 4. Ladybirds - Shimmy Shimmy Dang The Ladybirds (No, Google, not the all-girl topless seventies Scandanavian band) are from Louisville and have a sound that's rockabilly, surf, with a little doo wop and a lot of rock. (Shimmy Shimmy Dang - 9/6, Departure Records) 5. Andrea Echeverri - Madre Naturaleza Colombian artist Andrea Echeverri isn't new on the music scene. Dos is her second album, and before that she was the frontwoman of Aterciopelados. This album is fun and celebratory, and features guest vocals by her husband, daughter, and mother. (Dos - 8.29, Nacional Records) 6. Blouse - Videotapes Here's the debut song from Blouse's debut album, a spooky but fun trip back to the eighties, and the perfect soundtrack to that dream you keep having about Andrew McCarthy! Err…maybe that's just me. (Blouse - 11/1, Captured Tracks) 7. Escort - Cocaine Blues After listening to “Cocaine Blues,” you'll see why Brooklyn's Escort have been called “New York's best live band” and a “disco orchestra” (there's seventeen of them!). Plus Adeline Michèle's vocals are divine! (Escort - 11/15, Escort Records). 8. Yo! Majesty - Cherry Pop Shunda K and Shon B. are the Christian, queer hip hop outfit Yo! Majesty, and their second album is coming out in 2012. Til then, you can catch them on tour or check out Shunda K's new solo album, The Most Wanted here. (Album details forthcoming, 2012). 9. Dillon -Thirteen ThirtyFive Check out Dillon if you are into Joanna Newsom but wish her songs were more pop-structured and under four minutes long. This quiet, but lovely album is coming out soon. (This Silence Kills - 11/11, Rough Trade) 10. Lana Del Rey - Video Games Garnering comparisons to Nancy Sinatra, Lana Del Rey has some croon-worthy pop ballads out there, and “Video Games” is probably the saddest summer jam of all time (Single out on 10/10, Stranger Records) 11. Regina - Haluan Sinut This trio from Helsinki makes really good pop music that's hard to understand but easy on the ears! (Soita Mulle - 9/20, Friendly Fire Recordings)

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