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I've been having some lonely times recently and wanted a playlist to listen to while I fall asleep. That's what this mix is for—music to listen to in the dark. It's not a bunch of tearjerker breakup songs, though, who needs that when you're already lonely? Instead, I've been getting into this band Elephant and they have the most hilarious official description for their genre: “Nocturnal Lo-Fi Bedroom Dreamy Beach Pop.” YES. Nailed it. That's what I want: An hour-and-a-half of noctural, lo-fi, bedroom, dreamy, beach pop tunes.

So this mix includes Elephant as well as brand-new tracks from Mirah, Bonsai, Woman's Hour, and Lykke Li. Hope you like it. 

Nocturnal Pop from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio.


Her Ghost - Woman's Hour

No Rest for the Wicked - Lykke Li 

Seven - Fever Ray

A Walk - Tycho 

Smells Like Content - The Books

Myth - Beach House

Oxen Hope - Mirah

Rapture (Sweet Rapture) - A.A. Bondy 

To Be a Dance (I am Alive) - Lovers

Still Light - The Knife 

Leaf House - Animal Collective 

Dance of the Honey Bees - Pantaleimon

Torn Tongues - Elephant

I Fashioned You're a Dreamer - Bonsai 

La Sirena - Feist 

B + A - The Beta Band 

After the Curtain - Beirut 

Starting Over (Bad Habits) - Typhoon

Sleep Tonight - Stars

Only Lonely Lovers - Pure Bathing Culture

I Cried - June Sims

End of the Line - Nina Simone

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