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For this week's feminist mixtape, we're all about Norwegian lady jams.

DJ Ingebling from the Norwegian DJ collective Too Many Girls put together this mix of Norwegian singer-songwriters, jazz, folk, noisepunk, skwee, pop, and electronic music from 1968 to 2014. Too Many Girls is an Oslo-based DJ-collective with an unlimited number of members. They donate the surplus of their gigs to charitable causes—check 'em out on Tumblr.

Norwegian Lady Pop from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio.


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Track List:

Klar - Siri Nilsen

Svommebasseng - Vilde Tuv and Stockhaus

A_Molla - Ya Tosiba 

Smar - Easter 

Birds of Passage - Bel Canto 

Cuovgi Liekkas - Mari Boine

Tirili Tovann - Kirsten Braten Berg

Since Last Wednesday - Highaskite

Togsang - Kari Bremnes 

This far - SLYC

Maiden Voyage - Karin Krog

Vondt i Hjertet - Razika 

Be Cool - Dark Times 

White Foxes - Susanne Sundfor

Milk Pleasures - Jenny Hval and Susanna

by Sarah Mirk
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