BitchTapes: Not Enough Queer Music

Formed in response to the fact that the world needs more art, music and culture made by and for queers, Not Enough! Queer Music and Arts festival is a celebration of all new and collaborative bands, film, performances and visual art made by queer folk!

This marks the festival's 4th year. During the last three years, artists and musicians have created 47 bands and performances (as well as multiple films and visual art pieces) specifically for the festival. Many of these groups have gone on to continue to perform and record. Inspired by the Portland festival, Not Enough Fests have happened in New Orleans and Winnipeg.

This year's festival will happen on October 19th at SMYRC in Portland, OR. Read more info on dates and times and how to attend at

Not Enough Queer Music from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio.


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by Joseph Bonnell
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