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Malori Maloney
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Portland is a mecca of greatness. The city claims the Bitch offices, more coffee shops than you can shake a stick at, bicyclists galore and tons of musicians. Some better-known Portland acts include M. Ward, The Shins, Spoon and The Decemberists. But woe unto you if you think the Portland music scene ends there. There’s much more to be heard!

1. Alela Diane – “Oh! My Mama”

Ok, so she’s not a Portland native, but she lives here and we like it that way. Also, this song reminds me of my mama. Hi Mom!

2. Starfucker – “German Love”

I knew it was love the first time I saw them in a coffee shop turned impromptu music venue in the Southeast industrial area. These boys have since wooed me with their stellar dance moves and affinity for neon colors and drag.

3. YACHT – “We’re Always Waiting”

Jona Bechtolt (now accompanied by Claire Evans) is one of the most entertaining live performers I’ve ever seen. And he’s one of the many local artists I’m crushing on.

4. The Portland Cello Project and Laura Gibson – “Hands in Pockets”

“Hands in Pockets” takes the cake as my favorite Laura Gibson song, and backed by Portland’s Cello Project (who play everything from classical pieces to pop covers), she sounds better than ever.

5. Menomena – “Wet and Rusting”

It was pretty difficult to select a Menomena song for this mix because they’re all so freakin’ great. I think this one is ideal for the first time listener though…

6. Church – “Bee Cave”

I don’t typically like things called ‘church,’ but this band is an exception.

7. Mirah – “Cold Cold Water”

Regular Bitchtapes listeners may realize that we featured her in last week’s edition, but I had to include her again because she’s just that fantastic. And, as Ashley mentioned last week, Mirah helped Bitch out at a benefit concert in January, so she has an extra special place in our hearts.

8. Viva Voce – “We Do Not Fuck Around”

True story. In Portland we know what’s what.

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Awesome mix! But as a Texan,

Awesome mix! But as a Texan, I have to correct - Spoon's from Austin. Sorry to point it out, but we are far too proud of that band :)

you're right!

Britt Daniel lives in Portland but the band is indeed from Austin. shoot.

Great mix!

I totally heart BitchTapes, and not just because I work here :) Great selection, Malori!

Great article, MMM, but I'm

Great article, MMM, but I'm a little sad that you left out Dandy Warhols and Another Cynthia.

But seriously, this is cool in a silver shirt kind of way!

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