BitchTapes: Prop 8 Ruling Celebratory Wedding Mix!

Kelsey Wallace
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Hooray for the Prop 8 ruling! Sure, we have to wait to see what the Supreme Court says, but in the meantime I thought we could celebrate with a special BitchTapes (the way all important political events should be celebrated, obvs). A mix filled with fun songs about weddings, complete with some same-sex marriage jams!

A caveat: I only included songs that provide a positive portrayal of weddings and marriage, which means some great songs had to be left out of the mix. This is a celebratory mix, after all.

The Tracks:

1. Love and Marriage—Frank Sinatra: It may forever conjure images of Peg and Al Bundy, but this song reminds us that if you love someone, you’ll probably end up putting a ring on it.

2. Chapel of Love—The Dixie Cups: No wedding day would be complete without a trip to the Chapel of Love!

3. Dracula’s Wedding—Outkast: If Twilight has taught us anything, it’s that vampires want to get married too. Really, really badly.

4. Hotel Yorba—The White Stripes: If he’s the one you love the most, you can say “I do” at least. Sheesh!

5. White Wedding—Billy Idol: So I think this might be a sarcastic purity comment made to a pregnant bride, but some days are just nice for white weddings, aren’t they?

6. Be My Wife—David Bowie: I hope performing this song is how he proposed to Iman.

7. Be My Husband—Antony & The Johnsons: This subversive, queer rendition is perfect for our Prop 8 celebration!

8. Marry Me—Tender Forever: The best part about the Prop 8 ruling? Tender Forever and the cool girl she’s singing about can finally get hitched (if they move to California, anyway).

9. When We Get Married—The Dreamlovers: No matter how cynical you are about the institution of marriage, this track just plucks at the heartstrings.

10. Let’s Get Married—Al Green: Who could resist a proposal from Al Green?

11. Let’s Get Married—Jagged Edge: Not as romantic as the Al Green song of the same name (Jagged Edge justifies this proposal by saying “We ain’t gettin’ no younger) but a solid wedding jam nonetheless.

12. Will You Marry Me?—Paula Abdul: Paula Abdul was the first person to introduce the notion of girls proposing to boys to my 10-year old brain. Who better to usher in a new era of boys proposing to boys and girls proposing to girls, then?

So, there you have it—a mix of happy wedding songs to get you in the Prop 8 Ruling Celebration mood. Please add your wedding song suggestions to the comments section! Now, without further ado, I now pronounce you feminist and mixtape.

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The Electric Slide! It's

The Electric Slide! It's electric. While I don't know if it's possible to make marriage equality more joyous, but if anything can it's probably the electric slide. It's certainly been a staple a every wedding (queer or het) I've ever been to.

"In real life as in Grand Opera, Arias only make hopeless situations worse." - Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

love this!

so good. i can't believe i didn't think of david bowie. i'm pretty sure he wrote that song for me.

No Tegan and Sara?

No 'I Was Married' by Tegan and Sara? It's about same sex marriage no less. I suppose you could say it's not suitably positive...

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