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This mix is inspired by openly queer artists who are making electronic/dance/house/groovy/SHAKE-IT tunes. When times are tough, you’ve gotta keep movin’. Queers know that sentiment all too well. There’s nothing like a great mix to lift the spirits and move the body!

This mixtape is curated by Dani, who is a member of the queer punk-house band Du Og Meg and loud gay bands Love & Caring and Forever. She also DJs groovy vinyl records and does some writing for She Shreds (the Magazine for Female Guitarists and Bassists). You can check out the work recorded at her studio, Sister Secrets, and email her here


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QueerShake from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio.


Werkin’ Girls - Angel Haze 

Boom - Le1f

Enchantruss - THEESatisfaction

Mother Lode (90s Sensual Remix) - Magic Mouth

Last Name, Katz - Zebra Katz

Blonde With U - Ssion

Thinkin Bout U (Lonsdale Boys Club Remix) - Frank Ocean 

Make Up Sex - IBQT

Prideless - Natasha Kmeto

Dancing on the Floor - Half-Breed

Purple Sage - Lovers

by Danny Fish
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