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France isn’t exactly known for it’s rock music, or at least rock acts singing in French. Due to the dominance of the English language in rock ‘n roll many artists who have chosen to record in their native language have not gained world-wide prominence. I went on a music research quest resulting in this week’s BitchTapes mix of songs all recorded in French. Some current electronic French acts, a few synth songs from the ’80s, some current rock, and finally a delicious pop song from the ’60s (and a couple French Canadians and Belgians thrown in for good measure). Appréciez!

1. Touche Pas - Vive La Fête
Vive La Fête is a Belgian electroclash band whose name is French for Long live the party.

2. Alcoolique - La Blanche
This band is SO French, I couldn’t even find any information on them in English. Dig it!

3. Touche Pas Mon Sexe - Comix
Short-lived late ’70s early / ’80s synth band.

4. Guerre Froide - Demain Berline
Early ’80s band that was part of the French Coldwave scene.

5. Comme Des Enfants (Le Matos Andy Carmichael Remix) - Coeur De Pirate
Coeur de Pirate is the stage name of singer-songwriter Canadian Beatrice Martin and Le Matos is an electronic group from Montréal.

6. Noir Desir - Vive La Fête
Another jam from the Belgian electroclashers.

7. C’est Pour Toi - Dolly
A rock band in France from 1989-2005, Dolly was popular inside their country but not well known outside of it.

8. La Vent Nous Portera - Noir Désir
A French rock band that formed in 1985, Noir Désir has been popular in France for years and like Dolly relatively unknown outside its borders.

9. Jalouse - Mademoiselle K
A current four-person French rock outfit led by Katerine Gierak.

10. Si Vous Connaissez Quelque Chose de Pire qu’un Vampire… - Stella
This is everything you could ever want from an ironic 1960’s French pop song. Everything! Listen for that amazing trumpet note and check out Stella herself and the amazing video below.

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"Si Vous Connaissez Quelque

"Si Vous Connaissez Quelque Chose de Pire qu'un Vampire ..." just might be one of my favorite songs now. Thanks! <3

You forgot one of my

You forgot one of my favorites—"3ème sexe" by Indochine. Listen <a href=>here.</a> The lyrics supposedly disdain androgyny, but it's obvious by looking at the band members that it's a tongue-in-cheek, satirical song. I've always seen it as sort of a French equivalent to Dire Straits' "Money For Nothing"—they even came out in the same year!

Typically my taste in Francophone music runs more toward chanson (people like Jacques Brel), but this is great! I find it funny that the Comix song title literally means "Don't Touch My Dick," ha.

such a great song!

i was just remembering how amazing of a song that is yesterday! it's at the very end of the new xavier dolan film, les amours imaginaires, and it filled my heart with glee to hear it in a film made in 2010. i love it.

Great List!

Great list!
...though may I also suggest Marjo (I don't know her full name though this is the name of her act anyway), Corbeau (Marjo's band from the 70/80's), Eric Lapointe, Marie Mai, and Xavier Cafféine.

Bertrand Cantat, Noir Désir's

Bertrand Cantat, Noir Désir's lead, killed his partner actress Marie Trintignant. It's a such to see that guy's art promoted here.

I was about to post that. I'm

I was about to post that. I'm french canadian and i used to listen to Noir Désir . As a quebecer too, I must admit that I'm not a fan of Coeur the pirate at all, but it's more a personal taste !

In another style, good french song (and artist) , Émilie Simon

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