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Devyn Manibo
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Devyn Manibo is a Jersey City raised (and based) award-winning interdisciplinary/multigalactic artist. She can usually be found race raging, shade bending, and averting your settler colonialist gaze with a resting glare of displeasure.

School Daze from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio.

Summer's winding down and those of us who are students are gearing up for another tough year. Even if you've been in school for years, something about the first few days always makes ya nervous–like summer camp, but perhaps with more sex, booze, and drama. It still feels like summer, so maybe you're not so motivated to get back into an academic mindset, but never fear, your lazy brain will make the change once it realizes that you're nose deep in work. Here are some songs about being back in school, being reunited with your besties, finding new friends, basking in the last days of freedom, and of course, school spirit (but maybe not really).

1. “Rebel Girl” - Bikini Kill
This song will forever be my favorite back-to-school song. It perfectly describes that moment when you find someone who is so badass, and you are under the impression that of course they don't want to be your friend because they're way too cool for school. That muscle tee and jaded facial expression are misleading. Don't let this get to you because they actually feel the same way about you and totally want to be your bestie too. You will then proceed to re-meet at a Britney Spears–themed party a month into the school year and realize that you're meant to be friends forever. Yes, this is a true story.


2. “Summer in the City” - Regina Spektor
Leaving a large city can be tough, and I totally get that. Regina does too.

3. “Autumn” - Joanna Newsom
Leaves will start falling soon, the weather is getting chilly, and something is telling you that summer is slipping away.

4. “School Boys” - Headlights
Who are we kidding when we say that coming back to school isn't for cruising cuties? School boys, gals, and everyone in between.

5. “Massachusetts” - Ra Ra Riot
Massachusetts is a second home—a place I love and despise simultaneously, but that will always have a soft spot in my heart.

6. “City Girl” - Tegan and Sara
If I get angry, I let my New Jersey show a little bit. I will always be a city girl at heart, no matter where you put me. 

7. “Lazy Day” - Beach Fossils
There are no days to be lazy. Ever. No naps. Ever.

8. “Lady Daydream” - Twin Sister
Daydreams actually become my savior during the school year. Spacing out is my specialty.

9. “A New Kid” - Screaming Females
It's always difficult being the new kid on the block. Trying to establish yourself and a community can be super draining, but I urge you to not lose hope! There are people who get you, I promise.

10. “To Old Friends and New” - Titus Andronicus
Maybe some of your friends graduated, but hey, there are always new friends to be made! 

11. “Going Away To College” - Blink-182
I waited so many years for this song to actually be relevant.

12. “School Spirit” - Kanye West
My college doesn't even have a Greek system.

With that, I wish you all a wonderful school year, hopefully low on drama, and full of excitement, friends, and magical moments.

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