BitchTapes: Shooting the Moon


This week's mixtape comes to us from the folks behind the feminist playing cards deck. Fourteen artists created portraits of 56 feminist musicians for the deck—for example, check out Martha Rich's portrait of Josephine Baker as the ace of hearts. The creative team is looking to create a second deck of cards featuring a whole new round of artists and musicians. They're accepting applications from artist who want to participate until October 15th. Go apply! 

To get people pysched up for the project, this mixtape features songs from all the musicians emblazoned on the spades of the first feminist playing card deck. This “SHOOTING THE MOON” mix features songs by Kathleen Hanna, Patti Smith, Missy Elliott, Ari Up, Tori Amos, Genya Ravan, Edith Piaf, Janet Weiss, Emma Gaze, and Bebe.


Shooting the Moon Feminist Mixtape by Bitch Media on Mixcloud


If you want to help out with the new deck, learn all about the feminist playing cards project here

Track List: 

Le Tigre - “FYR” 

Bebe - “Tu Silencio

Missy Elliott - Pass That Dutch

Goldie & The Gingerbreads - Can't you hear my heartbeat? 

The Slits - Typical Girls

Quasi - I Never Want to See You Again

Electrelane - To the East

Patti Smith - Redondo Beach

Edith Piaf - Padam Padam

by Sarah Mirk
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Sarah Mirk is the former host of Bitch Media’s podcast Popaganda. She’s interested in gender, history, comics, and talking to strangers. You can follow her on Twitter

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Is this going to go on 8tracks or are you guys switching everything to mixcloud? If so, why? There are so many music/playlist services I'm always curious why people choose the one they do.

We're still on 8tracks.

Hi! Glad you're a frequent mixtape listener. :)

This mix was made on Mixcloud because the folks at Homoground made it as one long track—8tracks requires you to split up the songs and upload them individually. We still post all of our mixes, with the very occasional exception like this, at 8tracks. The benefit of using 8tracks is that it's free for users and we have a big catalogue now of over 200 Bitch-made mixtapes there.

if you have any strong opinions on a better site, let me know! I'm all ears!

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