BitchTapes: Shout Back!

Earlier this month, Vancouver, BC hosted the first (and fingers crossed, annual) Shout Back! — an all-ages, queer, radical, D.I.Y., anarcha-feminist music festival. Nearly 50 bands played over the hectic span of 2.5 days. Festival-goers bussed, cycled, and some seemingly teleported between four houses, a barricaded street, and a skate park, all turned venues. Even more shocking than managing to miss the noise show/free waffle breakfast on Sunday morning was how many queer and/or female bands in Vancouver: 1. exist, 2. are my new favorite. From cabaret to punk, twee-pop to noise, this BitchTapes is devoted to a few (yes, 15 is a few) of the bands and solo musicians from Shout Back!. I hope you enjoy!


Shout Back! from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio.

1. Kellarissa - Passages

2. Movieland - He Cares More if You Forget About Me

3. Puppies - P.E.I. 

4. Leila Neverland - Secrets

5. N.213 - Amazed

6. Love Cuts - Hi Smile Wave

7. Cris Derksen - War Cry Movement 1

8. Screaming Queens - Sex, Drugs, & Privilege

9. Loose Tights - Alone and Lost

10. Menopause - Marion's Birthday Sermon

11. KMVP - Montreal Screwjob

12. Brave Irene - No Fun

13. I Make Earthquakes - The Rumbling

14. Eirene Cloma - November

15. Haiku Charlie - Oh No


by Mel Mundell
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