Bitchtapes: Sibling Solidarity Mix

Brian Frank
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My sisters and I grew up listening to tons of great music together (Hannah is already on her way to being a famous guitarist and singer at 17!). So it was an obvious choice for us to get together and do a Bitchtapes when our sister, Jesse, came to visit us from Austin. What better topic than songs about sisters, brothers, and sibling relations?

1. St. Vincent – Laughing With a Mouth Full of Blood. This song brings about the emotions you feel when you've had it with all your friends and you've got to call your sister. Plus, we three siblings are seeing St. Vincent tonight in Portland!

2. Juliana Hatfield – My Sister. Let's be honest here.

3. Green – My Sister Jane. A tribute to a bad-ass older sister.

4. Jonanna Newsom – Emily. Apparently, this is what it's like having an astrophysicist for your sis.

5. Jawbreaker – Sister. At least we're all together now.

6. Sexy Kids – Sisters are Forever. It's true, it's not like you can get rid of them…

7. Hot Chip – Brothers. We feel this way too…but only sometimes.

8. Sister Sledge – We Are Family. Get your siblings and sing!

9. 10,000 Maniacs – My Sister Rose. Lovely, if cheesy.

10. R.E.M. – Seven Chinese Brothers. If only all brothers had magic powers!

11. Murder by Death – Brother. “I know there's better brothers, but you're the only one that's mine.”

12. Antony and the Johnsons – You Are My Sister. All brothers should be so sweet.

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Mumford & Sons- Sister.

<p><strong>Mumford &amp; Sons- Sister.</strong> "Sister don't test the ones you love"</p>

MAJOR props for putting

MAJOR props for putting Joanna Newsom, goddess of music, on the playlist.

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