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Bitchtapes: Stuck in Bed from BitchTapes on 8tracks.

No, this isn't an “in bed” playlist for hanky-panky, this mix is for those rockstars struck down by flu season, reduced to figuring out the best pillow to lean on when eating soup. Judging by inter-office emails, I'm not the only sick one, so let's all embrace it and get down with some nice cozy tracks…in bed. But don't get in bed with me, because I'm still contagious.

Luscious Jackson - “Let Yourself Get Down” - Listen to Luscious Jackson's ridiculous funk to remind yourself that you will be back on your dancing feet, someday.

Love is All - “Felt Tip” - Ahh, spending all day in bed won't be that bad, right? Not with beautiful Scandinavians Love is All at your side. They feel you.

Cocteau Twins - “Heaven or Las Vegas” - It's OK, nobody can understand Liz Fraser's vocals.

Broadcast - “Long Was the Year” - It hurts to think that we'll never see another Broadcast album, but the few they left behind are all stone-cold classics. 

Galaxie 500 - “Plastic Bird” - I think Dean Wareham secretly wrote all Galaxie 500 songs while in bed and under the covers.

Eric's Trip - “Stove” - The way Julie Doiron and and Rick White trade off verses in this song KILLS me. 

Sleater-Kinney - “The Swimmer” - In which Sleater-Kinney figure out how to play soft AND totally destroy at the same time.

EMA - “Breakfast” - If this doesn't send you straight into the fetal position, I don't know what will.

Young Marble Giants - “Searching for Mr. Right” - Young Marble Giants perfected the whole rocking-out-while-lying-totally-still thing.

Vashti Bunyan - “Glow Worms” - Like one of those St. Bernards with a thermos of brandy around its neck, Vashti Bunyan will appear out of nowhere with nothing but a classical guitar, waiting to heal you.

The Microphones - “Moon Moon” - Build a pillow fort and read any Microphones lyrics with a flashlight and just try not to cry. Seriously, I dare you.

Grouper - “Moon is Sharp” - If you don't have Nyquil, Grouper will more than do the trick.

Stay warm and drink lots of fluids everybody, and tell me your favorite sick day jams in the comments!

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as a sick person who wants

as a sick person who wants more than anything right now to curl up under my window and sleep for about one million rainy days, I thank you!!

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