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Mel Mundell
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What other musical genre has its own sport? Much like the water-based activity its named for, surf rock is often almost always played by men. This BitchTapes is devoted to women surf musicians, including my best friend, who not only surfs, but tremolo picks like she's Dick Dale's daughter. (Bands containing men, for those of you girl group purists, are starred.) Listening to this why-can't-it-be-summer-yet summer mix, I hope you feel heat-induced calm, tidal anticipation, and even a little danger…enjoy!

Surf Sisters from BitchTapes on 8tracks.


Track list: 1. Susan and the Surf Tones, “Tethys”* 2. Trashwomen, “Aphrodisia” 3. Pleasure Seekers, “Mr. Power” 4. The Neptunas, “Hallowave” 5. The, “I'm Blue” 6. The Headcoatees, “Wild Man” 7. The Famous Monsters, “Hairy Eyeball” 8. Bambi Molestors, “Theme From Slaying Beauty”* 9. The Pandoras, “That's Your Way Out” 10. The Brood, “Too Late For Tears” 11. The Monster Women, “Heartshaped Scab” 12. Loose Tights, “Waves”* For more, check out Kjerstin's Surf's Up mix! Thanks to everyone who recommended bands for this post. Who are your favorite female surf musicians?

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Thank you for posting this! I

Thank you for posting this! I myself am a surfer and it is much appreciated. Surfing is such a male-dominated sport, but there are certainly women that surf and create surf music!

Fun! Guitars guitars!

I really enjoyed this and had never heard of any of these bands. Thanks! I'm not sure if it qualifies as surf but the music of Slant 6, Casual Dots, and other bands with Christina Billotte in them have a similar vibe and people who like surf will probably like them. I see you've got Grass Widow in that previous surf post.

Awesome mix, right up my

Awesome mix, right up my alley! That Pleasure Seekers track makes my head spin.

Does your best friend (Dick Dale's would-be daughter) have a band?

Dick Dale's Daughter's Band

she sure has a band. we're called BUSHTIT check 'us out.

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