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Sometimes, you see something you like and you just know you have to have it for your own. When this happens to musicians, a cover is born.  For this week's Bitchtapes, enjoy these songs originally written/performed by men, but sung with their own signature flair by female vocalists. Track list after the jump!

 1.    “Sinnerman” – Nina Simone     

    An American folk spiritual song, “Sinner Man” was recorded in 1956 by Les Baxter and in 1959 by the Weavers.  The 10-minute version of the song entitled “Sinnerman” was made famous by Simone and has been sampled by the likes of Kayne West and Timbaland.

    2. “Respect”- Aretha Franklin

    Aretha Franklin flipped the meaning of this Otis Redding song on its head when she recorded it. By putting her own spin on it she turned the song into her signature hit since its release in 1967.

    3. “Lovesong”- Adele

    Originally a hit by The Cure in 1989, this bittersweet love song has been covered by many, including Tori Amos and Death Cab for Cutie. In 2011, Adele covered the song as a crooner-esque ballad on her album 21.

    4. “I Melt with You” – Nouvelle Vague

    This single by Modern English from 1982 was re-recorded in a new style by the band in 2010. In 2004, Nouvelle Vague covered the song on their self-titled debut album of New Wave classics performed in bossa nova style.

    5. “Nothing Compares 2 U” - Sinead O'Connor

    Although Sinead O'Connor made this one famous in 1990, it was first written and recorded by Prince for his funk band The Family in the 80's. 

    6. “Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap)”- Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

    A hit for Australian rockers AC/DC, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts covered the song on their 1990 covers album The Hit List

    7. “(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction”- Bjork and PJ Harvey (Live)

    Over three years ago, we included Cat Power's cover of this Rolling Stones hit on our BitchTapes: Gender-Bendy Covers mix. Here is the live Bjork and PJ Harvey rendition of the rock classic.

    8. “Walking After Midnight” – Girl in a Coma

    Written by Alan Block and Donn Hecht, Patsy Cline is best known for making this song a classic country standard. Girl in a Coma (who record under Joan Jett's Blackheart Records label and take their name from The Smiths' song “Girlfriend in a Coma”) covered this song on their 2010 release Adventures in Coverland, Vol. 3.

    9. “This Will be Our Year”- Memoryhouse

    The original song was recorded by the English band The Zombies for their second studio album in 1968.  Canadians Memoryhouse released this cover during the holiday season to ring in the new year of 2012.

    10. “Days” – Kirsty MacColl

    In 1989 Kirsty MacColl covered this Kinks' song which was penned by lead-singer Ray Davies in 1968. Both versions reached the #12 spot on the UK singles chart.

    11. “Words of Love” – Patti Smith

    Finally, this Buddy Holly classic has been covered by a number of notable musicians, including The Beatles. Patti Smith performs it on her 2011 tribute album to Holly.



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