BitchTapes: Ten Songs About Patriarchy

Mac Pogue
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Because, deep down inside, isn't pretty much every song about patriarchy?

1. “Victoria” - the Kinks
This paean to England's days of yore may be written about the famous matriarch, but the times described are pure patriarchy. Ray Davies yearns for the era when “sex was bad—and obscene,” because, man, those were the good old days (of patriarchy).

2. “Papa's Got A Brand New Bag” - James Brown
Because patriarchs will dance with the hip kids, no matter how weird and creepy his Jerk, Fly, Mashed Potato, Jump Back Jack or See You Later, Alligator are. What's in the bag, dad? More patriarchy.

3. “The Last Living Rose” - PJ Harvey
PJ Harvey's “Rose,” from Let England Shake, rails against the despicable state of the British government, which, duh, patriarchy. Also, do I hear some sexy sax here?

4. “Outlaw Culture” - BBU
This song and the album it comes from namecheck bell hooks and her Outlaw Culture, so it's about patriarchy just by association. 

5. “Bell” - Screaming Females
The Screamales penned this classic that, while open to interpretation, is probably about singer/shredder's Marissa Paternoster's disgust with the patriarchal nature of today's capitalist music industry. But it's definitely about the riffs. You can be sure about that.

6. “Time Keeps Time” - Neo Boys
“Time Keeps Time” is surely about the patriarchal nature of modern construction of time, and the labor demands it puts on the modern working woman. Right?

7. “The King's new clothes were made by his own hands” - Shabazz Palaces
While I'm listening to this song I know it must be about patriarchy but I literally can't understand anything they say or what this song is about, at all. Still, I love Shabazz Palaces.

8. “Vacation” - the Whines
Because we all need a vacation from patriarchy.

9. “Souzousuru Neji” - Nisennenmondai
These three women from Tokyo put together a 13 minute-long instrumental repetitive, amelodic no-wave composition because the guitar solo is a patriarchal construction tantamount to an aural male orgasm laid to tape that must be destroyed. Clearly.

10. “No More Kings” - Pavement
Finally, a song literally about patriarchy. It's about kings, and how they suck, and how since we don't have kings, America rules. Oh wait, isn't that just patriarchal?

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Nailed It!

Alright, Mac. You nailed it (wait, that's totally patriarchal). I'm pretty sure Coldplay's 'Paradise' is part of the patriarchal songset. I mean, let the girl run amok, not just dream about it. And maybe a chick should be singing about it in the first place.

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