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Sara Reihani
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Bryan Safi… total dreamboat, am I right, ladeez? I sort of wish he wasn’t gay, but if that were the case, we wouldn’t have the excellent “That’s Gay” segment on CurrentTV’s brilliant infoMania. So here’s a Bryan Safi-inspired mix of catchy songs to help you blur the gender lines and celebrate the sexuality spectrum. Put on your rainbow suspenders, donate to Stop 8 and rock out with your softpack out.

1. I Wanna Be A Girl – King Khan and the Shrines
King Khan, you can be anything you want to be.

2. Sex me up – Datarock
“I’m into S&M/I’m neither butch or femme/now don’t you understand/I’m into any man!”

3. Sweet Transvestite – Tim Curry from The Rocky Horror Picture Show
I know I included a Rocky Horror song in my last BitchTapes, but come on. It’s so appropriate for every occasion! Plus you can lip-sync along in that campy Tim Curry pout that makes it look like your lips are melting off your face.

4. Billy Brown – Mika
This is a nice, if inconclusive, companion to “Bobby Brown” by Frank Zappa.

5. Gay Bar – Electric Six
“How was your weekend?” “It was cool… we went out to a gay bar, then we started a nuclear war.”

6. She Gets All the Girls – The Groovie Ghoulies
Infectious Ramones-core to pump you up before a night out at the lez bar.

7. Lola (Kinks cover) – The Raincoats
“I’m not dumb but I can’t understand/why she walks like a woman but talks like a man”

8. Serpentine – Peaches
I bet Peaches has a hard time deciding what to dress up as for Halloween.

9. Sex Changes – Dresden Dolls
This song is about sexual reassignment surgery, losing virginity, pregnancy, abortion, plastic surgery and probably six or eight other things. It also scares the crap out of me.

10. Are You A Lady? – Bratmobile
Just… classic.

11. Boys Don’t Cry – The Cure
Even Robert Smith isn’t immune to socialized gender norms!

12. Big Girls Don’t Cry – Four Seasons
No one cries, apparently.

I couldn’t get my hands on an mp3 of “Fagette” by Athens Boys Choir, so here’s the YouTube video!

Richard Simmons is shocked! SHOCKED!

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Thank you for the link -

Thank you for the link - that song is beautiful!

Awesome Playlist

The only ones i know on there are
Sweet Transvestite,
Sex Changes,
Boys Dont Cry,
Big Girls Dont Cry,
and Lola.
Yes, Dresden Dolls are full of deliscious double meanings, but i dont quite get abortion fitting into it?

And, also, I would definately recommend "if You Were Gay" from Avenue Q
and maybe "Laid" by James :"dress me up in woman's clothes/ mess around with gender roles/ line my eyes and call me pretty"
and the ever-obvious "Dude (look Like a Lady)" By Aerosmith

Nice! How about "I Was

Nice! How about "I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar" by Jonathan Richman? :)

LOVE the fagette video, and

LOVE the fagette video, and Athens Boys Choir in general. I first saw it in a gender studies and pop culture class, and have watched it a bunch of times since. You should also check out the Butch/Femme video by Team Gina if you haven't already seen it.. it's kitschy and cute, much like fagette. And it's so true about the butch girls--where ARE they?? I know a ton of queer girls, but only one or two who are butch or present masculine. I love me some butches :)

Curry's "Allan"

Another one great straight song about a gay:

There's a man
Hanging by his pants-seat
While the moon
Is hanging over 4th street
People stop and look at him
They think they understand
They know that you're loaded and you're crazy
And they think you're stupid

You can trust me
I'm your best friend
Now's the time to leave
Before he breaks your nose
Rips your clothes
Makes you bleed
It's okay
I've got money for a taxi
The people in the crowd
They're just a bunch of creeps
Just the same
You shouldn't blame
Your problems on the Greeks
Cuz it looks like you need stitches
And that lip won't heal for weeks
Hey don't fall asleep your nose bleed on my lap
Hey lean against the window
Hey nevermind
Come back
Alan... Alan... Alan... Alan

Sorry Mr. Kessler
Searched his pockets
No key there
Yeah somebody hit him
Help me drag him up the stair
Kessler takes a look at us
He thinks he understands
He knows that we're loaded and we're crazy
And he thinks you're stupid

I prop you at your typewriter
A broomstick up your shirt
I lay your hands across the keys
Ah shit I'm suck a jerk
You've got to be a fighter
The problem with the world is
They don't know

That you're a writer
Alan... Alan... Alan... Alan

You get next
To me


Love the mix and the video. I knew listening to these podcasts would introduce me to some newer and different music!

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