BitchTapes, The Grrrls and Guitars Edition!

Annalee Schafranek
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It's that time again, friends!

I'll admit, I had a minor freak out over what music to post for my BitchTapes. But I was reminded of the impact that Bratmobile had had on my 15-years-old self and decided to go with an all ladies all the time mix (each band featured has at least one female member). So listen and read away!

1. Bratmobile - It's Common

>>> Ladies, Women, and Girls was the first Bratmobile album I ever heard and was the inspiration for me picking up a guitar and calling myself a riot grrrl. A surf rock sensability + feminist lyrics? Yes please!

2. Black Tambourine - For Ex Lovers Only

>>> Providing the inspiration for bands like Vivian Girls (featured on last week's BitchTapes), Black Tambourine is worth a listen... or twelve.

3. Electrelane - The Partisan

>>> A friend gave me this album, thinking I would like it. This friend was 100% right.

4. The Calamities - The Kids Are Alright

>>> For all francophiles and girl rock fans out there, this band and song is a must.

5. Sonic Youth - Kissability

>>> Possibly my favorite Sonic Youth song ever. While Sonic Youth has the lowest female to male ratio of my playlist, Kim Gordon more than makes up for it in sheer crushability.

6. Talulah Gosh - My Word's Ending

>>> Cutesy name and twee to the core, Talulah Gosh brings the drama of infatuation with this track.

7. Quix*O*Tic - Anonymous Face

>>> A little bluesy and a little punky, this one-time KRS band will inspire hours of repeated listening.

8. La Lupe - Como Acostumbro

>>> I blame most of my music taste on my BFF Sam, and this track is no different. Just try to resist this Cuban soul, female fronted cover of "I Did It My Way."

Grrrls & Guitars

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4 Comments Have Been Posted

My kind of ladies.

You officially rocked this mix! Makes me want to whip out my Chucks.

it's so good! they all have

it's so good!
they all have been. but i've got this one on repeat.

Como Acostumbro and my

Como Acostumbro and my favorite Quix*o*tic song! What fine taste you have. If you haven't watched any videos of La Lupe, I recommend it. She's that kind of passionate that makes you want to be her friend, because you know she'd beat up anyone who messed with you. And she's like 4'10".

Dance party of one, your Bitch Mix is ready!

Annalee, this playlist is so cool, and by extension so are you. (Okay, I'll admit you told me to write this, but it's true.) Who knew that having a Bratmobile dance party alone in your living room could be so cathartic (and fun!)?

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