BitchTapes: The Heavy Rotation Edition

Ashley Brittner
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I try to think of a theme when I'm making mixes; for my friends, as a DJ and on these here BitchTapes. This week, however, the only theme tying these songs together is that I like them. Ergo, this week's BitchTapes is aptly titled the Heavy Rotation Edition. There's a random Led Zeppelin cover, new music from Peaches and Passion Pit and the best Pat Benatar song you may never have heard.


1. Lauryn Hill, "Lost Ones"- I tend to think this is the best track from Lauryn Hill's outstanding album "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill". This song is timeless and its message is timeless: don't play games with people, okay?

2. Peaches, "I Feel Cream"- Did I mention I like Peaches?

3. Passion Pit, "Moths Wings"- Passion Pit is an electronic group hailing from Cambridge, MA who have been compared to Bon Iver and MGMT. I like to listen to this song in the morning because it sort of has a good-morning-sunshine sound to it.

4. Lindsey Buckingham, "Go Insane"- I saw Fleetwood Mac perform for the second time a couple of weeks ago at the Tacoma Dome. For a girl who grew up on their music and developed an idolization of Stevie Nicks at age 8, it was a dream come true. Lindsey Buckingham, like Stevie Nicks, released a slew of solo records in the '80s and '90s, and if you ask me, "Go Insane" is at the top of heap. He's one of the most passionate and talented musicians ever.

5. Mirah, "The Forest"- From her latest album (A)Spera.

6. Dolly Parton, "Stairway To Heaven"- Excuse me? This might be the best cover ever, just because of its complete out-of-left-field qualities.

7. Pierced Arrows, "Caroline"- Ex-Dead Moon members Fred and Toody Cole are at the helm of this garage rock band, hailing from Portland, OR. Toody, the bassist, sings lead on this song. In their live shows, I'd argue she's the most revered of band, slaying it in such a male-dominated genre and doing so for over 20 years.

8. Pat Benatar, "Anxiety (Get Nervous)"- The cover of this record features Pat in a straight jacket, a look of shock on her face and hair that seems to have been the product of sticking her finger in an electrical socket. I love Pat Benatar, and though this song was not one of her hits, it's quintessential Benatar.

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