BitchTapes: The Lady Business Edition

Ashley Brittner
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My internship at Bitch ended this week and just recently I got a grown-up job. In a perfect world, those two things would not be mutually exclusive, however I am super happy with the full-time gig, feel fortunate that during a recession I was able to land something with benefits and good pay and I’m still contributing to Bitch (like, right not for example) so it works out pretty well. In honor of work and time clocks and general employment, I am bringing you this week’s edition of BitchTapes: The Lady Business Edition. I tried really hard to keep it to just songs by the ladies, for the ladies, but the two I included that aren’t, I think, are fitting nonetheless.

1. Destiny’s Child, “Independent Women”: Please excuse the “Charlie’s Angels” breakdown at the beginning (and middle) of this song, because the rest of it is pretty kick ass.

2. Dolly Parton, “9 to 5”: Pretty self-explanatory. Also a song I sing to myself, in my head, while I’m at work.

3. Donna Summer, “She Works Hard For The Money”: It’s true. She does.

4. Jim Croce, “Workin’ At The Carwash Blues”: Who hasn’t had a shitty job? Especially recently? I know, Jim Croce is all over my BitchTapes, but he’s great. And he knows how to tell a story to a foot tappin’ good tune.

5. Norma Jean, “Truck Driving Woman”: I searched and searched for Norma Jean’s classic song “Heaven Help The Working Woman”, to absolutely no avail. But this song is a damn close second.

6. Mika Miko, “Business Cats”: Maybe this mix should have just been called the “Business” edition.

7. Le Tigre, “Hot Topic”: Le Tigre speak of a different kind of work in this song, but it’s relevant. What is better than thanking a giant list of amazing feminists for all the work they’ve done and do? Not much, my friend. Not much.

8. Loverboy, “Working For The Weekend”: No matter how much you love your job, I think we can all agree that we appreciate when we get our days off. Enter this gem. While cheesy, it works, no? Ha. Works.

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Works! Ha!

Way to kick out the jams, friend. I wish your internship wasn't drawing to a close, but if you can keep bringing it with BitchTapes like these then I just might be able to get through it.

Money Money Money by ABBA!

Money Money Money by ABBA!

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