BitchTapes: The Self-Esteem Awareness Month Edition

Ashley Brittner
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In response to a Gold’s Gym marketing campaign that declared July “Cankles Awareness Month” (WTF, douchebags?!) Imagine Today deemed August Self-Esteem Awareness Month. To celebrate, I’ve put together a few songs about standing up for yourself, being yourself, celebrating that self and flaunting it. And for the record, I think your calves and ankles look fantastic.

Aretha Franklin- “Respect”: Well, obviously, right? Give me my damn propers, Gold’s Gym.

Cat Stevens- “If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out”: I love Cat Stevens. This song reminds us all that not only can we be whatever we want, but that it is our uniqueness that makes us all so great.

Petra Haden- “Don’t Stop Believin’ ”: Don’t get me wrong, I love Journey, but Petra Haden is amazing and her version of “Don’t Stop Believin’ ” includes a surprise one-liner from another song that appears on this mix, so I thought it was fitting. I’ve partaken in many barroom group renditions of this song while it’s played on a jukebox and I’d imagine some of you have, too.

CocoRosie- “Rainbowarriors”: This song not only makes me feel great about being me (oh I’m a cheeseball) but it also gets me thinking about all the Rainbowarriors out there, which is comforting (seriously, I’m cheesy).

Wilson Phillips- “Hold On”: Speaking of cheesy…here’s some Wilson Phillips! You know you know the words, so sing along. No one here will judge you.

The Gits- “Insecurities”: We all have insecurities, but The Gits are here to remind us to not let them get the best of us.

Kelly Clarkson- “Whyyawannabringmedown”: While I’m annoyed at the way this song is titled with one big word, I think it’s great. Kelly Clarkson is, in my opinion, the most empowering woman to come out of American Idol’s ever-revolving door of winners. I think she’s awesome and this song pretty much says why.

The Gossip- “8th Wonder”: The best line in this song, besides the title, is, “There was a time before girls knew they were pretty yet, there was a time before boys knew they were tough enough”. Word.

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Fun Pop Lady Mix!

At this very moment, Kelly Clarkson is stretching out to play the Clearfield County Fair in Clearfield, PA. She's a lady of the people. Coincidentally, wasn't singing "Respect" kinda the thing that made Kelly Clarkson famous on American Idol? Gives this mix a real student-becomes-the-teacher kinda vibe, I think.

Thank you!

Hey, it's Jill from Imagine Today - I just wanted to thank you for the awesome playlist & plug for the month. I love Bitch so this just made my day :)


The feeling is mutual, although I think you made my (our/everyone's) month! Cheers to you and keep doin' what you're doin'. It means a lot!

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