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Lindsay Baltus
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Got the winter's-over-but-not-quite blues, friends? Well, we're here with a bunch of clap-happy twee pop to jingle jangle and shoo dee doo that frown right off your face! 1. The Magnetic Fields: “The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side” 2. The Moldy Peaches: “Who's Got the Crack” 3. Camera Obscura: “Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken” 4. Mates of State: “Goods (All In Your Head)” Shout out to my best lady friends from high school who used to blast this song in the car with me on our way to Sweet Tomatoes buffet! 5. Tilly and the Wall: “Fell Down the Stairs” 6. The New Pornographers: “Letter From An Occupant” 7. Times New Viking: “Teenage Lust!” Okay, I admit that “I don't want to die in the city alone” is not the most twee of lyrics, but you have to give it to TNV because the jangle factor is really out of control here, plus there's an exclamation point in the song title!! 8. Dirty Mittens: “Arcadia” Super duper cute band from arguably the twee-est of all cities (Portland, duh!). 9. Architecture in Helsinki: “It's 5!” 10. Tender Forever: “Well I Can Take It” Props to Tender Forever (also from Portland, of course) for lyrics that mention the Slits, one of my favorite bands ever. 11. Islands: “Jogging Gorgeous Summer” 12. Belle & Sebastian: “Sukie in the Graveyard” 13. The Clean: “Tally Ho” 14. Lacrosse: “You Can't Say No Forever” 15. Pearl and the Puppets: “Because I Do” 16. Bears: “Never Have to Guess” Thanks to fellow editorial intern Erica for this awesome song from a Cleveland band!

Note: We originally published this mix in January of 2011 but it's been raining so hard in Portland this week we needed to hear it again.

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awesome tracks! I'm glad you

awesome tracks! I'm glad you included Bears, they are great and so underrated!


So please forgive me, I am old as well as (usually) gleefully ignorant... however I was curious... are these real bands/music?

Yes indeed!

They're as real as they are twee!


There's so much I love about this mix, but the shout-out to Sweet Tomatoes might be the winner.


Your first sentence: check your ableism, please.

please explain?

please explain?

I think what feministjenn

I think what feministjenn meant was the line demanding that someone snap out of the "mid-winter blues." As a twee kid who also happens to have SAD, I know about this. (And there's plenty of melancholy twee, too, just listen to The Field Mice.)

Ah, thank you. That's what I

Ah, thank you. That's what I thought, but I wasn't sure. :)

re: ableism

Hi everybody,

I'm sorry for not addressing this earlier! I realize that my comment at the beginning of the post could easily be read as ableist, and I want to say that I certainly didn't mean to imply that people who struggle with SAD or other forms of depression should just "snap out of it." I'm sorry I didn't make that more clear. Lots of us who don't struggle with depression (that's my privileged self included) get the wintertime blues, and all I meant by the comment was that I hope this twee mix will help add some fun and cuteness to everybody's weekend.

Hope you all can still enjoy some good twee!
<b>Lindsay Baltus, Editorial Intern</b>
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Thank you for this comment.

Thank you for this comment.



Needs some Beat Happening!

Needs some Beat Happening!

Don't know how you do it....

But you always have the best mixes :) many thanks, much love!! xoxo

oh man, this is great great

oh man, this is great great great. listening to tilly and the wall now because you made me remember how great they are. thanks!

Yeah! Twee!

I love me some twee, and this is that time of year I crave it the most. Now all I need is to throw on a sun dress and some sunshine!

I think thunderstorms are

I think thunderstorms are kind of twee weather.

I was totally shouting along with Tilly and the Wall this morning. it's certainly a good day in Oregon for it.

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