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Gabriela Salvidea
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Here’s a mix for those who want to groove and feel uplifted by stellar lyrics, not ticked by gratuitously crass ones. I’m definitely not one of these excruciatingly PC-folks who love all their entertainment wholesome, but still my love of hip-hop doesn’t always harmonize with hip-hop’s love of misogyny. Here are some jams to make you just go “fuck yeah!” and not also “what the fuck?”

1. KRS One — The Way We Live
2. Dead Prez — Hip Hop
3. Common Market — Love One
4. Blackalicious — Supreme People
5. Gnarls Barkley — Go-Go Gadget Gospel
6. Aesop Rock — No Regrets
7. Blackaclicious — Green Light: Now Begin
8. Gift of Gab — Up
9. Gift of Gab — Rat Race
10. Genius/GZA — B.I.B.L.E
11. DJ Danger Mouse — Public Service Announcement
12. Dead Prez — You’ll Find a Way
13. KRS One — 2nd Quarter - Free Throws

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Thanks for posting this! This takes me back to the days when I loved listening to hip hop -- not this autotune, unintelligent, misogynistic stuff that's all over the place.

where my ladies at?

This is a great mix, but I must say it's a little disappointing that there are no female emcees represented in the playlist.

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